FAPESP announces first SPRINT call in 2024 Versão em português

The mobility of researchers with FAPESP grants will be supported for collaborations with partners in institutions abroad.

FAPESP announces the first call for proposals for 2024 under the SPRINT – São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration modality.

There are two possibilities for the international collaboration proposal:

• partner researchers from any foreign research institution which provides travel resources from their university or grants awarded by a research funding agency.

• foreign research institutions that have confirmed conditions for receiving collaboration proposals with funding for scientific missions to research institutions in São Paulo State.

FAPESP considers eligible to submit proposals to this call principal investigators of ongoing research projects funded by FAPESP within the following FAPESP funding modalities: Regular Research Awards (excluding mobility projects), Thematic Projects, Young Investigators, Initial Projects (Pi), Generation, Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers (RIDCs), Engineering Research Centers/Applied Research Centers (ERCs/ARCs), Public Education Research Program, Research in Public Policies, and Research Partnership for Technological Innovation (PITE). Co-Principal Investigators of ongoing Thematic Projects, RIDC, ERCs, ARCs and PITEs are also eligible to apply.

If the proposal is considered meritorious, it can only be approved if the researchers can present evidence that they have adequate funding for their part of the collaboration expenses.

FAPESP will match funding up to the limit of US$10.000,00 per year, per project, and with a duration of up to 24 months.

The grant can only be used for the exchange of researchers, visits for research planning, participation in workshops, and initial data collection activities to maintain research collaboration and its consolidation.

Submissions to FAPESP must be filed exclusively through the SAGe system. The deadline for submission is June 24, 2024.

The call for proposals is published at:

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