The Biota-FAPESP International Workshop on Applied Ecology and Human Dimensions in Biological Conservation (9 and 10/Nov/2009) Versão em português


November 09

14h00 - Opening Session

14h15 - The Biota FAPESP Program - Dr. Carlos Joly, General Coordinator, Biota Program, FAPESP PDF

14h30 - Introduction: redirections in conservation biology - Dr. Luciano M. Verdade, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil PDF

15h00 - Phylogenetic diversity and conservation: applications from genes to communities to ecosystems - Dr. Daniel Faith, Australian Museum, Australia PDF

15h50 - Coffee break

16h00 - Historical ecology and the explanation of diversity - Dr. William Balée, Tulane University, USA PDF

16h50 - Adaptation and evolution in changing environments - Dr. Joel S. Brown, University of Illinois, USA PDF

November 10

9h30 - Biodiversity loss and infectious diseases - Dr. Kevin D. Lafferty, University of California – Santa Barbara, USA PDF

10h20 - The use of molecular tools in ecological studies - Dr. Eduardo Eizirik, PUCRS, Brazil PDF

11h10 - Coffee break

11h20 - Multi-taxa surveys: integrating ecosystem processes and user demands - Dr. Willian E. Magnusson, INPA, Brazil PDF

12h10 - Lunch (Restaurants around FAPESP)

14h00 - The importance of abundance estimates in biological surveys - Dr. James D. Nichols, USGS, USA PDF

14h50 - Biodiversity and agriculture: modeling biodiversity trade-offs in changing environments - Dr. Jorn Scharlemann, UNEP/WCMC, U.K. PDF

15h40 - Coffee break

15h50 - Conclusions on “Applied ecology and human dimensions in biological conservation”

Additional information: (11) 3838-4006/3838-4216