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Microsoft Research-FAPESP issue new call for proposals The objective is to explore the application of Computing Science to the challenges of basic research in Global Climate Change and Environmental Sciences (Wikimedia)

The São Paulo Research Foundation and Microsoft Research make public a new Call for Research Proposals and invite researchers associated to Institutions of Higher Education or Research, public and or private, in the State of São Paulo, to present research proposals within the scope of the Agreement between FAPESP and Microsoft Corporation.

The objective of this call for research proposals is to explore the application of Computing Science to the challenges of basic research in areas related to Global Climate Change and other disciplines linked to Environmental Sciences. It is worldwide acknowledgeable that ICT’ tools and instruments can be applied beyond its traditional platform and users in the search for ruptures in research that attend key issues in the benefit of society and planet’s sustainability.

This call for research proposals is not restrict to the potential application of Computing Science, but has particular interest in:

a) Introduction of computing tools and techniques for the acquisition, analyses, elaboration and visualization of data, as well as modeling/revision of elements that affect climate change (for example climate, hydrology, oceanography, ecology) and the environment;

b) Application and exploration of computing models related to global climate change and environment;

c) Promotion of science advancement in a way that the produced knowledge may be used in a multi and inter disciplinary manner;

d) Application of computing science to the challenges of databank in large scale in scientific research, including the potential use of many/multi-core technologies and/or computing services cloud-based.

The total amount available under this request for proposals (RFP) is US$ 750,000.00, equally shared by FAPESP and Microsoft Research. The appropriateness of the requested funding amount in relation to the proposal goals and qualification of the proposing team are a primary review consideration. In addition, FAPESP and Microsoft reserve the right to propose lower funding levels for projects.

Last date for receiving proposals is December 19, 2011.

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