Belmont Forum and G8 Research Councils Initiative on Multilateral Funding International Opportunities Fund National Annex: STATE OF SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL Versão em português

Notice: The researches should follow the official Call for proposals, published at (call website), for all the details regarding application, funding, eligibility, selection criteria, proposal preparation and submission.

The official call announcement for the researchers from State of São Paulo will be published at FAPESP website at belmontforum.

Partners: This call is supported by the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP) for the participation of researchers in the State of Sao Paulo.

Scientific research themes: The invited themes are Freshwater Security (Theme 1) and Coastal Vulnerability (Theme 2)

FAPESP´s funding: Depending on all conditions of eligibility and peer review, the budget earmarked by FAPESP for this Call will be:

a) Freshwater Security Theme: up to € 1,500.000,00 (Brazilian currency according to exchange rates at the time of funding)

b) Coastal Vulnerability Theme: up to € 1,000.000,00 (Brazilian currency according to exchange rates at the time of funding)

c) Funding will be awarded on the basis of full economic cost as described on the Call.


CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSION of “Pre-proposals”: 20th July 2012

NOTIFICATION FOR SUBMISSION of “Full Proposal”: 20th September 2012

CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSION for “Full Proposal”: 20th December 2012

Principles for Applications: Accordingly to the Call, the Leading Principal Investigator (LPI) is officially responsible for the application, management and all communications with the Theme Program Office, including submission of the Pre-proposal and, if invited to do so, the Full Proposal. Research projects will be selected in a two-step procedure. Short “Pre-proposals” must be submitted by interested consortia by 20th July 2012. These will be considered by a scientific review panel that will invite submission of Full Proposals by 20th September 2012. Full Proposals must be submitted by 20th December 2012.

Selection criteria: Each proposal must combine significant contributions by scientists from at least three of the participating countries in Belmont Forum, and must bring together natural and social scientists in addressing the workpackage(s) within the scope of the described call Theme. The proposal must demonstrate clear links to users and conform to program aims and the designated research fields addressing either the Theme of Freshwater Security or Coastal Vulnerability.

  • The Theme Program Office will serve as the lead in securing the External Reviews of the multilateral proposal. FAPESP, as a Partner Organization will be required to provide details to the Theme Program Office of at least three reviewers for each proposal that receives funding from them.
  • Full Proposals will be reviewed by a Pannel of Experts based on the selection criteria and the assessments of External Reviewers, resulting in a pool of high-quality recommended proposals.

For all details, the applicants should consult the official Call for proposals.

General Guidelines for the State of São Paulo Researchers:

Sao Paulo State applicants are advised to contact FAPESPs´ National Contact Point, Dr Patrícia Brant Monteiro, through the mail address, before starting to prepare pre-proposals and full proposals for submission.

For FAPESP specific requirement, please see the Guidelines described below.

1) Eligibility and national funding modalities: Standard FAPESP eligibility rules apply with the following constraints:

1.1) The State of São Paulo applicants must satisfy FAPESP´s eligibility criteria for one of the three invited grant modality as described in the corresponding web addresses:

  1. Regular Research Grant, at;
  2. Thematic Project Research Grant, at;
  3. Young Investigator in Emerging Institutions Grant, at en/6251

1.2) Applications must include other members in their Collaborative Research Grants with the consortium composition (scientists from at least three of the participating countries of the Belmont Forum) as defined in the Call for proposals. FAPESP will fund the State of São Paulo (Brazil) partner of any successful trans-national collaboration.

2) Pre-proposals: The pre-proposals should be in English and must be submitted by 20th July 2012.

A copy of the Pre-proposal must be submitted by the Leading PI through the electronic proposal system accessible through, by 20th July, 2012. Leading PIs are requested to write the proposals directly into the system. However, MS Word File Form could be used in the process of completing the proposal and used to share the proposal among the consortium members.
For FAPESP, it is required that a printed copy of the Pre-proposal be submitted by the Sao Paulo PI to FAPESP, by 20th July, 2012, to the address described below.

3) Full proposals: For the selected pre-proposals, the corresponding full proposals should be also prepared in English and must be submitted electronically, by 20th December 2012, to the Theme Program Office on a secure server as instructed in the official Call for proposals. 

3.1 It is required that a printed copy of the full proposal (forms and all the documents) be submitted to FAPESP, including the following documents to the address described below:

(i) the corresponding FAPESP application form for the chosen grant modality (Regular Research Grant, Thematic Project or Young Investigator in Emerging Institutions), designed for this Call available at:

a) Regular Research Grant and Thematic Project:
b) Young Investigator:

(ii) all the documents listed in the last page of the FAPESP´s application form (research project, team composition, researchers CV, budget worksheets, disbursement schedule, etc.) 

The copies of Pre-proposals and Full proposals should be submitted to:


Rua Pio XI, 1500
05468-901 Alto da Lapa, Sao Paulo

4. Each project will be funded for a period of 2 to 5 years depending on the grant modality:

a) Regular Research Grant, up to 2 (two) years

b) Thematic Project Research Grant, up to 5 (five) years

c) Young Investigator in Emerging Institutions Grant, up to 4(four) years

5. São Paulo State award holders will be subject to the FAPESP´s Terms and Conditions.

6. FAPESP has the ultimate responsibility for decisions of funding recommendations for the selected proposals, which will confirm any budgetary constraints on submitted projects prior to a final decision on an award being made by the review process as described by the Call for Proposals on BELMONT FORUM official web site.

FAPESP´s National Contact Point:

Alexandre Rocatto
Area Director