Memorandum of Understanding between FAPESP and IANAS Versão em português

Memorandum of Understanding between The São Paulo Research Foundation, FAPESP, and The Inter American Network of Academies of Science, IANAS  

The InterAmerican Network of Academies of Sciences, IANAS, whose aim is to supports scientific and technological development in the Americas by empowering Academies and increasing their inteactions, strengthening local science as a tool for promoting development, prosperity and equity in the Hemisphere;
The Sao Paulo Research Foundation, FAPESP, an agency that funds research through peer review processes aiming at the scientific and technological development of the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Considering that:

  • Scientific cooperation is essential for the advancement of knowledge;
  • Scientific cooperation contributes to the development of international connections among the countries in the Americas;
  • Increasing the opportunities for scientific cooperation in the Americas, through solidarity and collaboration will be beneficial for the scientific, social and economic development of countries and regions of the Americas.

IANAS and FAPESP concur on the following:

1) IANAS and FAPESP wish to develop a partnership whereby the parties select and fund students, investigators and research projects conforming to the terms and conditions set forth below.

2) The IANAS will pre-select and present candidates to the following FAPESP types of support: Visiting Scientist, Ph. D. Scholarships, Post-Doctoral Fellowships and Young Investigator Awards.

3) The FAPESP will offer training for persons designated by each Academy to offer assistance to the candidates in preparing their proposals or making contacts in São Paulo in order to find suitable partners/supervisors/advisors.

4) Through this collaboration FAPESP will offer, to candidates indicated by IANAS, access to the following programs:

a) Visiting scientists: candidates must hold a PhD degree and a permanent position in a research institution in the country of origin. They will need to find a researcher in São Paulo who will host them for any period from 2 weeks to 12 months, to work in a research project in the São Paulo organization.

b) PhD fellowships: the candidate, holding a nationally recognized undergraduate degree, must be accepted in a graduate Program in any graduate program in the State of São Paulo.

c) Post-doctoral fellowships: The candidate must hold a PhD degree obtained within the last seven years and find a supervisor in a São Paulo research organization. The fellowship is for one year, renewable up to three years (in some cases it might be 5 years).

d) Young Investigator Awards: the candidate must have a PhD degree, a successful post-doctoral experience, and must demonstrate clear potential for scientific leadership in his field. The grant does not require a supervisor, but the selected candidates will need to find a host institution. This Award includes a fellowship plus sizable research funds for equipment, consumables, travel and fellowships for the candidate's future students. The Award is for a duration of up to four years..

5) FAPESP offers candidates relevant information on the above programs through its website at and To better attend to orientation requests from candidates FAPESP might also request assistance from the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) and the São Paulo Academy of Sciences (ACIESP).

6) FAPESP will receive and analyze, using its peer-review system, the proposals indicated by IANAS;

7) FAPESP will announce the results to IANAS and to the applicant.

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