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FAPESP and ParisTech, Paris Institute of Technology, France, agree on the relevance of international scientific cooperation in all areas of knowledge and aim to develop joint research projects which may include the exchange of researchers and post-graduate students.

The general goal of the agreement is the selection of research projects of interest to both Signatories, proposed and to be developed conjointly by researchers from institutions in the State of São Paulo, and ParisTech.

Funds from common research projects can either come from ParisTech labs and FAPESP, or from “calls for proposals” between FAPESP and funding institutions in France – like ANR, the French National Research Agency.

Cooperative Research Agreement - Cooperation agreement signed in May 28, 2012, valid for five years.

Research projects selected in joint calls with FAPESP Total of projects with ParisTech, including initiatives by researchers

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