Public Call for Proposals for the support of a research program involving Young Investigators under the Scientific Cooperation Agreement between the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and Keele University, UK.

1. Introduction

FAPESP makes public this Call for Proposals and invites interested and eligible researchers to submit research proposals under the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.

1.1 Background - The Keele/FAPESP partnership

a. This is a collaborative research initiative under the scope of the Memorandum of Understanding and the Cooperative Agreement signed by Keele University and FAPESP in February 26, 2013 (published at and on July, 10th, 2013 (published at respectively, intending to strengthen links between a research group at Keele University Centre for Applied Entomology and Parasitology and a São Paulo State Higher Education or Research Institution with similar research interests.

b. For this purpose Keele University recently appointed a lecturer with an established track record in Vector Biology, recently selected for this project. FAPESP will select a clinical researcher in Tropical Disease with research interests in insect borne diseases that complement the research interests of Keele University Centre for Applied Entomology and Parasitology. The clinical researcher must hold a recently awarded Young Investigator (YI) grant award (starting date from 1 November 2012 onwards) or be a candidate for the YI Program ( The YI Program includes a 4-year research grant and a fellowship, which is optional for researchers not employed by the Host Institution. The opportunity offered by FAPESP must be held in an appropriate research group within Sao Paulo State.

c. Each scientist must spend four to six months of each year, on average, in the Host Institution of his/her colleague i.e. the Keele post-doctoral researcher appointee must spend time in São Paulo and the FAPESP selected YI must spend time at Keele University. The research projects should be complementary and the selected researchers should work synergistically to produce high quality research, publications and joint grant applications. It is equally important for the selected investigators to be focal points for fostering research links between the broader scientific communities of both institutions.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this Call is to define the conditions for the submission of proposals within the scope of the Scientific Cooperation Agreement between FAPESP and Keele University (

3. Eligibility

Researchers from the State of São Paulo are eligible within the scope of this Call under the following conditions:

3.1 Researchers that are eligible Young Investigator candidates according to the rules described in items 2.1 and 3.3 of the Guidelines for the Young Investigators in Emerging Institutions Grants (;

3.2 Principal Investigators of ongoing research projects funded by FAPESP within the Young Investigators Program, IF the project is within the first year of implementation by October 31, 2013.

4. Fields of knowledge

This Call for Proposals invites research proposals in Tropical Disease with complementary focus in Insect Vector Borne Disease.

5. Timeline

Call announced on FAPESP and Keele University websites

July 31st, 2013

Closing date for submission of proposals

January 24th, 2014

Successful proposals notified

February 25th, 2014

6. Duration of the project for the exchange of researchers

The maximum duration of the project is 48 months, non-extendable. The research missions, established under the cooperation agreement between FAPESP and with the Keele University, must necessarily be undertaken during the first 36 months of the present proposal implementation.

7. Funding principles

FAPESP will provide funding for:

7.1 Development of the research project as described in item 7 of the Guidelines for the Young Investigators in Emerging Institutions Grants and under the Agreement between FAPESP and Keele.

7.2 The Young Researcher Fellowship as described in the item 2.2.b of the Guidelines for the Young Investigators in Emerging Institutions Grants.

7.3 Funds for missions under the agreement between FAPESP and Keele as described at item 1.1.c of this Call and in Schedule 2 of the Cooperative Agreement between Keele University and FAPESP available at (

8. Proposal characteristics

The proposal consists of a research project and the required documentation under the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.

8.1 The research proposal in English must be presented in the format described in item 8 of the Young Investigators Grant Guideline ( - in English -or - in Portuguese) and following documents:

a. Research Proposal form and Researcher’s Registration form specifically designed for this Call;

b. Budget worksheets specifically designed for this Call (please enclose detailed budget according to FAPESP standards).

8.2 Researchers from the State of São Paulo recently awarded a Young Investigator grant (See item 3b of this Call for Proposals) or with a proposal currently under appraisal by FAPESP should submit the Summary of their current YI project and a letter of intent to participate in this Call for proposals.

9. Submission of proposals

9.1 The proposal as specified in the previous section must be submitted by the deadline stated in section five above.

9.2 No proposal will be accepted after the closing date for submission, nor will any addendum or explanation be accepted, unless those explicitly and formally requested by FAPESP or Keele University.

9.3 Submissions to FAPESP will only be accepted in paper, via mail (not through the on-line system SAGe) to the following address: Rua Pio XI, 1500, Alto da Lapa, CEP 05468-901 – São Paulo/SP, with “Chamada FAPESP/KEELE UNIVERSITY 2013”written on the envelope. Only proposals with a stamped postmark date within the deadline of this Call will be processed.

9.4 Proposals submitted by any other means will not be accepted. Late submissions will not be reviewed.

10. Analysis and selection

10.1 The eligibility, analysis and selection of the proposals received at FAPESP will be carried out by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Foundation’s Scientific Director.

10.2 The proposals will be pre-qualified and, subsequently, reviewed by way of a competitive process, which will evaluate the merit and relevance of the project, the academic excellence of the candidate and the interest of the institution that will host the researcher within the terms of this call. Only one proposal will be selected by each of the partners.

10.3 Proposals that do not comply with the terms of this Call will not qualify for analysis.

11 Result of the analysis

Final results will be announced on FAPESP web portal ( and by means of a communication to the candidates.

12 Contract for selected project

12.1 Before the signing of the Grant contract, the researcher selected by FAPESP should contact the researcher selected by Keele University to plan the missions mentioned in item 1.1.c of this Call for Proposals.

12.2 The selected proposal will be the subject of a grant contract to be signed by FAPESP and the Principal Investigator in São Paulo.

13 Grant cancellation

FAPESP may cancel funding if, during grant implementation, a fact is of sufficient gravity to justify cancellation, at the Scientific Board of Directors’ discretion, without prejudice of any other appropriate actions.

14 Information about the Call for Proposals

All questions related to this Call for Research Proposals must be directed to:

Dra. Vera Viviane Schmidt -

(The FAPESP e-mail above was cancelled after this call for proposals) 



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