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Marine Biological Laboratory

FAPESP signed with the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), United States, and with Biomedical Sciences Institute ar the University of São Paulo (ICB-USP) a memorandum of understanding with the aim of establishing a program of Short Schools to be offered in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.

ICB-USP and MBL will collaborate in presenting a series of short courses in advanced science themes related to areas of common interest between ICB-USP and MBL. The short courses, organized in schools, will contribute to the advance research training of the attendees and to establish in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, a hub for the attraction of young scientists worldwide.

The costs of the collaborative project will be covered by a grant awarded by FAPESP.

Memorandum of understanding - Signed on July 18, 2012, valid for two years.

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