MoU between FAPESP and the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Versão em português

Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation in Regenerative Medicine Between
The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine  
and The São Paulo Research Foundation

The SÃO PAULO RESEARCH FOUNDATION - FAPESP, established by Law nº 5.918, of October 18th, 1960, with headquarters at Rua Pio XI, 1500, Alto da Lapa, São Paulo, SP, enrolled in CNPJ/MF under nº 43.828.151/0001-45, herein represented according to article 11, “a” of Law nº 5.918, combined with its General Rule approved by Decree n° 40.132, of May 23, 1962, represented by its President, Prof. Dr. CELSO LAFER, in the exercise of the powers delegated by Act of the Governor of the State of São Paulo, published in the Official Gazette of the State, of June 21, 2010, hereinafter referred to as FAPESP, and

The CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE FOR REGENERATIVE MEDICINE, a state agency established by Article XXV of the Constitution of the State of California, as adopted by the voters of California on November 2, 2004, represented by its President, Dr. ALAN O. TROUNSON:

Whereas the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (hereinafter referred to as CIRM), was established, inter alia, to make grants and loans for stem cell research, for research facilities and for other vital research opportunities in California to realize therapies and/or medical procedures that will result in the cure for, or substantial mitigation of, major diseases and injuries;

Whereas the São Paulo Research Foundation (hereinafter referred to as FAPESP) is an independent public foundation with the mission to foster research and the scientific and technological development of the State of São Paulo.

  1. Purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding:

The parties to this MOU are CIRM and FAPESP (collectively, the “Parties”). CIRM and FAPESP each desire to explore possibilities for the promotion and mutual funding of collaborative research projects in the field of regenerative medicine. Therefore, CIRM and FAPESP enter into this following Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”).

2. Confirmation of Interest:

CIRM and FAPESP confirm their mutual interest in exploring joint efforts to foster research in the area of regenerative medicine. This interest is motivated by a shared understanding that cure as well as treatment of injuries and chronic diseases can be accomplished by applying new methods from that research. Both parties are convinced that breakthroughs in the area will only occur if adequate funding and other support is made available to researchers and world wide cooperation is facilitated.

3. Research Calls and Projects:

CIRM and FAPESP will explore research topics in the field of regenerative medicine of common interest. The design, launching and the implementation of coordinated or joint calls shall be considered and agreed on a case-by-case basis between both parties. CIRM and FAPESP will primarily explore the opportunities of coordinated or joint research funding, but also other cooperative activities such as workshops, symposia, exchange of researchers, young scientists activities and other similar undertakings.

4. The Parties understand that, as a rule:

a. CIRM shall only fund research performed in the State of California.

b. FAPESP shall only fund research performed in São Paulo.

c. CIRM and FAPESP shall bear their own internal costs arising out of activities under this MOU.

d. Both Parties shall apply their regular funding mechanisms and procedures, including Intellectual Property Regulations and reporting regulations. The applicable state and national laws of each Party apply to their respective efforts hereunder.

e. No funds awarded under this MOU shall be used for research involving any matter or action that is prohibited by California law or CIRM regulations for CIRM grantees, or the law of São Paulo for FAPESP grantees.

f. Both Parties shall share progress information on all projects approved for collaborative funding to the fullest extent allowed by law and applicable policy.

g. Both Parties will make their best efforts to support preparatory activities such as visits, workshops etc. between the scientists involved for the definition of possible collaborative projects.

5. Miscellaneous Provisions:

a. Funding of research projects under this MOU is subject to the budgetary appropriation available to each party.

b. The execution of this MOU does not constitute a commitment for funding nor does it require either Party to approve or to fund any proposed project.

c. CIRM and FAPESP shall each designate a contact person to coordinate the mutual activities under this MOU and ensure smooth communication between the Parties.

d. Representatives of CIRM and FAPESP shall periodically confer, preferably in person, and in any event, not less than once a year, to review any matters occurring under the execution of the MOU.

e. This MOU shall remain in full force and effect for a period of three years from the date stated below unless extended by mutual agreement of the Parties or if terminated in writing by either Party upon 30 days written notice.

f. Termination of this MOU will act prospectively only, thus not effecting activities already approved jointly or already in progress hereunder. It may be modified at any time upon written agreement of both Parties.

g. This MOU does not create any binding obligations between the Parties.

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Alan O. Trounson

The São Paulo Research Foundation
Celso Lafer