FAPESP and University of Edinburgh announce result of call for proposals Versão em português

FAPESP and University of Edinburgh announce result of call for proposals Five proposals for the interchange of researchers were selected (photo:Un.Edinburgh)

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and the University of Edinburgh, UK announced the result of the first call for proposals within the range of scientific cooperation between the institutions.

Five proposals were selected. FAPESP and University of Edinburgh will each provide funding the equivalent of up to £5,000.00 per proposal per year, for the duration of the grant to cover mobility expenses.

Selected proposals:   

Researchers Project title

Monica Sanches Yassuda
Faculdade de Medicina / USP

Mario Parra Rodriguez
University of Edinburgh

Tackling cultural barriers in cognitive assessment and early detection of dementias

FAPESP grant number: 2014/50203-8

Pedro Augusto Munari Junior
Centro de Ciências Exatas e de Tecnologia / CCET / UFSCar

Jacked Gondzio
University of Edinburgh

Formulations and solution methods for velhicle routing problems with data uncertainty

FAPESP grant number: 2014/50228-0

Sergio Ferraz Novaes
Instituto de Física Teórica / Unesp

Christos Leonidopoulos
University of Edinburgh

Combination of new physics searches at the Hadron Collider

FAPESP grant number: 2014/50208-0

Flavio Soares Correa da Silva
Instituto de Matemática e Estatística / USP

David Stuart Robertson
University of Edinburgh

A platform for the management of a distributed cluster for innovative gaming and animation companies

FAPESP grant number: 2014/50207-3

Rubens Lichtenthaler Filho
Instituto de Física / USP

Philip J. Woods
University of Edinburgh

Nuclear physics and astrophysics with low energy beams of exotic nuclei

FAPESP grant number: 2014/50206-7

The call for proposals is available at: