SPRINT – 2nd Edition 2014: Guideline G3

Université de Montréal, Université Libre de Bruxelles and Université de Genève

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Specific requests for submission of proposals in partnership with professors and researchers from the G3 Partnership

FAPESP and the G3 Partnership (composed by Université de Genève, Switzerland; Université de Montréal, Canada and Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium) signed a Cooperation Agreement for Research on May 12, 2014, aiming to implement scientific and technological cooperation between researchers from the G3 Universities and from the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, through the funding of joint research projects.

Under the referred Agreement, as a first action to promote such collaboration, FAPESP and G3 make public this Call for Proposals for the exchange of researchers, under the terms and conditions of the SPRINT 2nd Edition 2014 and hereinafter set forth.

1. Eligibility from G3 side

1.1 Eligibility to submit proposals within the scope of this Call:

a. Projects must be led by three professors/researchers affiliated to each G3 university and at least one professor/researcher affiliated to a university located in the State of Sao Paulo;

b. Projects must be part of research policies or training strategies of departments, faculties or research centers in each university;

c. Projects must contribute to the mid-term objectives of G3 collaboration with Brazil. 

1.2 Eligibility for the exchange activities within the scope of this Call

a. Participation to conference or exploratory meeting with participants from all participating universities in the project (max : 10 000 $) ;

b. Participation to working visits (longer stay with detailed program). Participation of PhD students in the team research is allowed;

c. Participation to joint activities for longer events (with several events);

d. Examples of eligible expenses: travel expenses (economic fare- plane ticket); accommodation costs; event organization or dissemination activities costs; publication costs; scholarships for students; initial activities of data collection and other initial research activities to establish continued and consolidated collaboration.

2. Fields of knowledge

This Call for Proposals invites research proposals in all fields.

3. Duration of the project for the exchange of researchers

The maximum duration of each project is 24 months.

4. Funding principles

FAPESP will provide funding of up to the equivalent of US$ 20,000,00 (twenty thousand dollars) per proposal per year and the G3 will provide funding of up to US$ 20,000,00 per proposal per year, for the duration of the grant to cover research-related mobility expenses, under the provisions of Clause 3.5 of the Scientific Cooperation Agreement established by the Parties en/8584.

5. Proposal characteristics

The proposal, in English, consists of an identical research project to be submitted to FAPESP and G3 in addition to the complementary required documentation for each Party. In addition to the SPRINT item 6. Proposal Characteristics, the proposal must include the following items required by G3:

a. A recommendation letter signed by the Dean or authority of the academic unit of each university;

b. A description of the project’s contribution/relevance to the G3 development and to universities’ strategic plans;

c. A detailed budget for the funding requested from the G3.

6. Submission of proposals to G3

Each team will submit a joint proposal simultaneously to each university (please see contacts at article 10). One professor/researcher by university will be named as a contact person for the project. 

7. Result of the analysis

Final results will be announced by a letter sent by email to the interested PIs. Only selected projects will be announced on the G3 web portal.

8. Responsibilities of selected teams

Teams’ responsibilities :

a. Projects representatives inform International Affairs Office of their own university of the on-going collaboration, its evolution and results;

b. Recipients will be required to submit a final report within three months of completion of the project. The report should include an outline of the outcomes of the project, an indication of the project’s sustainability, a summary of lessons learned in undertaking the project and a detailed acquittal of funds. Recipients who fail to submit a final report will not be able to submit future applications to this scheme or any other joint funding schemes in their respective university;

c. In every publication or presentation resulting of the project, beneficiaries will mention the support given by the G3 and FAPESP;

d. The official Authorities of the universities participating in a selected project may mention the supported/funded projects within the scope of the G3 – FAPESP Partnership (web sites, documents etc.). 

9. Grant cancellation

G3 may cancel funding of a G3 researcher, if problems arise during the completion of a project. The cancellation must be unanimously agreed upon by the competent authorities from each of the three G3-member universities

10. Information about this Call at G3

All questions to the G3 Universities related to this Call for Proposals must be directed to:

1. Université de Genève: Mr Gerd Rothenberg (

2. Université de Montréal: Ms Stéphanie Tailliez (

3. Université libre de Bruxelles: Ms Elena Tegovska (

Contacts are also available on the web site:



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