FAPESP and British Council announce Newton Fund supported workshops selected in call for proposals Versão em português

FAPESP and British Council announce Newton Fund supported workshops selected in call for proposals Sixteen workshops that will bring together researchers from São Paulo and UK will be funded (photo:British Council)

The São Paulo Research Foundation, FAPESP and the British Council announce the result of a call for proposals to support research workshops issued in April, 2014.

The institutions will provide financial support to bring together a UK/São Paulo State cohort of early researchers to take part in a workshop focusing on building links for future collaboration and enhancing the researchers’ career opportunities.

The call anticipated the funding for up to six proposals. However, considering the excellent quality of the submitted proposals, and with extra funding for the call provided by the Newton Fund, FAPESP and the British Council decided to support 16 workshops.

The Newton Fund is part of the UK’s official development assistance. Its aim is to develop science and innovation partnerships that promote the economic development and welfare of developing countries. This will be the first initiative with support from the Newton Fund in Brazil.

The selected workshops will focus on either a specific research area or an interdisciplinary theme and will be held in English.

Up to 40 researchers can take part in each workshop: two workshop coordinators, one from the UK and one from the State of São Paulo; four mentors, two from the UK and two from the State of São Paulo; and 34 early career researchers: 17 from the UK and 17 from the State of São Paulo.

Selected proposals:


Project title

Workshop period


Adroaldo José Zanella
Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia / USP

Alasdair Cook
University Of Surrey

A ”One health - One welfare” approach to animal and human well-being in diverse urban, peri-urban and rural comunities in São Paulo

Nov. 24-29, 2014


Charlotte Marie Chambelland Galves
Instituto de Estudos da Linguagem / Unicamp

Susan Pintzuk
University of York

The new historical linguistics and the world of annotated corpora...

Mar. 9-13, 2015


Enicéia Goncalves Mendes
Centro de Educação e Ciências Humanas / UFSCar

Richard Rose
University of Northampton

People with disabilities becoming visible: comparing inclusive and special education policies, practices and research in Brazil and UK

Mar. 12-15, 2015

São Carlos

Ernesto Chaves Pereira de Souza
Centro de Ciências Exatas e de Tecnologia / UFSCar

Angel Cuesta
University of Aberdeen

Electrochemical Solutions for Contemporary Problems (ELSOL)

Mar. 2-6, 2015

São Carlos

Isak Kruglianskas
Faculdade de Economia, Administração e Contabilidade / USP

Prasanta Dey
Aston University

Research excellence and international collaboration on corporate response to climate change

Dec. 8-11, 2014

São Paulo

José Gilberto de Souza
Instituto de Geociências e Ciências Exatas Rio Claro / Unesp

Antonio Ioris
University of Edinburgh

Water as the frontier of agribusiness: politico-ecological and socio-economic connections from farms to global markets

Nov. 10-15, 2014

Rio Claro

José Roberto Castilho Piqueira
Escola Politécnica / USP

Murilo da Silva Baptista
University of Aberdeen

Integrative research challenges of complex systems for technological applications

Mar. 8-13, 2015

São Paulo

Marcilio Alves
Escola Politécnica / USP

Qingming Li
University of Manchester

Modelling aided design support vehicle crashworthiness and vehicle safety harmonization

Mar. 5-8, 2015

São Paulo

Marcos Silveira Buckeridge
Instituto de Biociências / USP

Maurice Bosch
Aberystwyth University

Using systems and synthetic biology to tailor plant cell walls for a better future

Mar 12-15, 2015

São Paulo

Maria Clara Padoveze
Escola de Enfermagem / USP

Stephen Timmons
University of Nottingham

Qualitative study design in healthcare-associated infection research

Feb. 9-13, 2015

São Paulo

Maria Inês Zanoli Sato
Companhia Ambiental do Estado de São Paulo / SMASP

Huw Taylor
University of Brighton

New approaches to monitoring and managing waterborne disease transmission in Brazil and the UK

Feb. 1-5, 2015

São Paulo

Michel Georges Albert Vincentz
Centro de Biologia Molecular e Engenharia Genética / Unicamp

Alex Webb
University of Cambridge

Environmental and metabolic control of plant growth and development

Feb. 24-26, 2015


Ricardo Ricci Uvinha
Escola de Artes, Ciências e Humanidades / USP

Simone Fullagar
University of Bath

Sport and social transformation in Brazil

Mar. 9-13, 2015

São Paulo

Ronaldo Adriano Christofoletti
Instituto de Saúde e Sociedade / Unifesp

Stuart Jenkis
Bangor University

Global change in coastal marine ecosystems: science, policy and sustainable development

Feb. 23-26, 2015


Rui Curi
Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas / USP

Susan Ozanne
University of Cambridge

Mechanisms underlying developmental programming in metabolic diseases – insight into preventive strategies

Feb. 2-4, 2015

São Paulo

Sergio Luiz Monteiro Salles Filho
Instituto de Geociências / Unicamp

Jakob Edler
University of Manchester

Innovation systems and policy mix towards multidimensional development

Mar. 3-6, 2015


The call for proposals is available at: