SPRINT 1st Edition 2015 - Guideline: Erasmus University Rotterdam

SPRINT – 1st Edition 2015
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Specific requests for submission of proposals in partnership with researchers from Erasmus University Rotterdam

FAPESP and ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM (EUR) signed a Cooperation Agreement for Research on October 31th 2011, aiming to implement scientific and technological cooperation between researchers from EUR, The Netherlands, and from the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, through the funding of joint research projects.

Under the referred Agreement, as a first action to promote such collaboration, FAPESP and ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM make public this Call for Proposals for the exchange of researchers, under the terms and conditions of the SPRINT 1st Edition 2015 (en/9265) and hereinafter set forth.


1.1 Eligibility to submit proposals within the scope of this Call:

a. Postdoctoral researchers affiliated with Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam (Erasmus MC) or with the Institute of Health Policy & Management (iBMG) of Erasmus University Rotterdam, who hold a contract of employment for the full length of the proposed project. Strong preference will be given to projects that will be likely to promote sustained collaborative activity beyond the end point of the awarded project.

1.2 Eligibility for the exchange activities within the scope of this Call

a. Postdoctoral researchers affiliated with departments of Erasmus MC or iBMG that already have established formal or informal collaboration with researchers or research institutes in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, for whom the exchange provided by this call is a continuation of these existing contacts.

2. Fields of knowledge

This Call for Proposals invites research proposals in the fields of “Personalized Medicine” and/or “Big data applications in biomedical research”.

3. Duration of the project for the exchange of researchers

The maximum duration of each project is up to 24 months.

4. Funding principles

FAPESP will provide funding of up to the equivalent of € 5,000.00 (five thousand Euros) per proposal per year and ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM will provide funding of up € 5,000.00 (five thousand Euros) per proposal per year, for the duration of the project with a maximum of 24 months to cover research-related mobility expenses, under the provisions of Clause 5 of the Scientific Cooperation Agreement established by the Parties ( en/6891).

5. Proposal characteristics f or ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM researchers

5.1 A research project with a maximum of five pages of scientific content, with one copy sent to Erasmus University Rotterdam and another copy sent to FAPESP, including the following items:

5.1.1 Proposed exchange activities:

a. A substantive description of the exchange activities, emphasizing their relevance;

b. A timeline for each specific exchange mission, considering the limit of missions and resources established in this call;

c. Performance indicators for the planned activities;

d. A description of each candidate’s contribution to the mission, explaining their expertise to carry out the foreseen activities;

e. Foreseen actions adding to the impact of the exchange for partner institution and for the host institution in the state of Sao Paulo (e.g. by means of seminars);

5.1.2 In addition the proposal for Erasmus University Rotterdam must include a letter of support from the Head of Department. 

6. Submission of proposals to ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM

Submissions can only be accepted by e-mail to: Prof. Dr. Steven Lamberts, General Director of International Affairs of Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam. 

7. Result of the analysis

Final results will be announced on FAPESP (, ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM ( and Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam ( web portals and by means of a communication to the interested PIs.

8. Contract for selected projects by ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM

Selected proposals will subject to the conditions set forth in a letter of award.

9. Information about this Call at ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM

All questions related to this Call for Proposals must be directed to:

PARTNER: Fred Balvert


10. Financial and reporting obligations

All successful applicants will be required to provide a brief report within one month.


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