FAPESP – DGO6 Call for Proposals 2015


Joint Call for Proposals for Collaborative Projects

The Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and the Direction Générale Opérationnelle Economie, Emploi & Recherche du Service Public de Wallonie (DGO6) announce this Call for Research Proposals and invite researchers in the State of Sao Paulo and in Wallonia to present research proposals within the scope of the Agreement between FAPESP and DGO6, according to the following specifications.

1. Themes of Interest

The themes of interest shared by DGO6 and FAPESP for this call for research proposals are:

a) Biotechnology and healthcare (including biomarkers – in vitro & in vivo diagnostic, innovative tools and instrumentation, drug delivery systems, novel therapies, IT applied to human health, medical devices, drug discovery, innovative processes and organizational innovations);

b) Food (including health – nutritional quality, industrial efficiency, packaging);

c) Green technologies and sustainable development;

d) Logistics applied to biotechnology, food processing and retail companies within the transportation user sector;

e) Aeronautics and space;

f) Mechanics.

2. Eligibility

Each proposal must include an eligible lead from Wallonia and the State of Sao Paulo.

2.1 Applicants from Wallonia

a) Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Academia and Research Centres can be funded through this CFP.

b) The lead partner MUST be an SME.

2.2 Applicants from the State of Sao Paulo

a) Applicants from the State of Sao Paulo in the proposed project must be researchers associated to a small business (less than 250 employees) established in the State of Sao Paulo who are eligible to submit proposals within FAPESP’s Program for Innovative Research in Small Businesses (PIPE).

Proposals submitted to FAPESP must follow the rules of FAPESP’s Program for Innovative Research in Small Businesses (PIPE), except if explicitly indicated in this CFP, including the specific Submission Form to this CFP, available at

All other forms to be used are those required for submissions to the FAPESP PIPE Program.

3. Requirements

Applicants are required to meet all of the following criteria when applying for funding under this CFP. Each proposal from an applicant in Wallonia and one an applicant in the State of Sao Paulo must:

a) Identify an eligible lead in Belgium and one in Sao Paulo who will be responsible for the development and submission of the joint application (Principal Investigators of the Projects);

b) Have as Belgian lead an SME;

c) Have as the São Paulo lead a researcher associated with a small business (less than 250 employees), according to the FAPESP PIPE Program;

d) Have a project duration between nine (9) and twenty four (24) months, in accordance with the norms of FAPESP´s Program PIPE;

e) Be innovative and market-driven, leading to the proposed development of a new product or process leading to commercialization;

f) Demonstrate the joint Wallonia – Sao Paulo project team’s capacity to manage the proposed project;

g) Articulate clear commercial goals, and associated commercialization strategies;

h) Build on the principles of a true bilateral partnership – all projects should demonstrate equivalence in effort from Wallonia and the State of Sao Paulo;

i) Demonstrate active participation of the industrial partner(s), in the case of proposals involving both academia and industry.

4. Project Funding

Selected projects will receive funding from DGO6 in Wallonia and FAPESP in the State of Sao Paulo.

Funds will be provided in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations and procedures established by each organization, and/or each jurisdiction/country. Although the individual type and value of individual contributions allocated to a project may vary, each bilateral project must demonstrate equivalent total contribution from each participating country. Total contribution may be defined as the combined value of cash, human resource effort, services and/or equipment that each country invests in an R&D project.

FAPESP and DGO6 will jointly select up to 10 proposals, according to the norms, conditions and funding limits of each of the Parties, as presented at item 4.1 to FAPESP and item 4.2 to DGO6.

4.1 Funding for Project Participants in the State of Sao Paulo

a) FAPESP will fund projects under the terms, conditions and funding limits of the FAPESP Program PIPE (Innovative Research in Small Businesses, defined as companies with less than 250 employees) in the State of Sao Paulo.

b) Funding to be granted is for Principal Investigators associated to Small Businesses, not to the Company itself.

4.2 Funding for Project Participants in Wallonia

a) DGO6 will fund projects under the terms and conditions stipulated for DGO6 international Programs.

b) Funding to be granted is:

(i) From 60% to 80%, if for SMEs;

(ii) 100%, if for academia;

(iii) 75%, if for Research Centers;

(iv) A minimum of 40% of the Walloon project’s budget must be dedicated to Wallonia company(ies), in case of Industrial Research.

5. How to Apply

5.1 Applicants from Wallonia are required to submit one printed and signed document (Dedicated DGO6 Request for Funding document) along with the electronic version as a Word document and as a signed PDF of the complete and signed proposal on a CD/USB stick memory. Prior submitting the full Application, applicants from Wallonia must send an expression of interest (pre-proposal) file to DGO6.

SPW / DGO6 Place de la Wallonie 1 BAT III , B5100 Namur, Belgium.

5.2 Applicants from the State of Sao Paulo are required to submit one (1) hard copy and a CD/USB stick memory containing the completed and signed Full Application and other necessary FAPESP forms, as pointed out at item 3 of the Call for Proposals

Chamada FAPESP-DGO6 2015
Rua Pio XI 1500, 05468-901, Alto da Lapa, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

6. Important Dates and Deadlines

Release of Call for Proposals:


Full Application Deadline:


Release of CFP Results:


Expected start of Projects 30 JAN 2016

7. Evaluation and Selection of Projects

To ensure the effective implementation of the CFP and reinforce the principles of bilateral partnership, DGO6 and FAPESP will conduct a parallel and independent review of all applications followed by a joint review.

8. Publication of the Results

Project leads will be informed of the outcome of the review process, and if successful, the funding to be awarded to the bilateral project, by their respective CFP delivery Agency. A complete list of selected projects will be published in the DGO6 and FAPESP websites following the public announcement of CFP results.

9. Administrative and Legal Requirements to be Addressed by Project Leaders Prior to the Release of Funds

Following award notification, DGO6 and FAPESP will advise project leaders in their jurisdiction of all administrative and legal requirements to be addressed prior to the release of funds.

10. Contact Information

In case of having questions regarding this CFP or the application process, please contact:

Dr Baudouin JAMBE, Director

Thierry LEMOINE, International Relations Officer

Place de la Wallonie 1 BATIII
5100 NAMUR Phone : +32 81 334526



Sao Paulo
Mr. Diego Muñoz
Technical Advisor, Scientific Directorate

Rua Pio XI 1500, Alto da Lapa
05468-901, São Paulo-SP, Brazil


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