RCUK and FAPESP announce result of call for proposals for the Newton Fund Versão em português

RCUK and FAPESP announce result of call for proposals for the Newton Fund Collaborations activities between researchers from the UK and Brazil were selected

The Research Council UK (RCUK) and FAPESP announce the result of the first call for proposals for the Newton Fund (UK’s development assistance for science and innovation) to be managed by the RCUK and the Brazilian Council of State Funding Agencies (CONFAP) with the goal to support collaboration between researchers from the United Kingdom and Brazil.

The maximum budget for the FAPESP side of the collaboration is £50,000 direct costs only. The corresponding research council in the UK will make an equivalent contribution for UK-based researchers.

Funds can be used for travel, subsistence and other networking or collaborative activities, such as workshops, summer schools, and exchanges. Funds can also be used to support small direct research costs.

Selected proposals:




Alexandre da Costa Pereira
University of São Paulo - Heart Institute - Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Cardiology

Frank Dudbridge
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - Department of Noncommunicable Disease Epidemiology

Genetic and electronic medical records to predict outcomes in heart failure patients – Bridging Brazilian and UK genetic epidemiology in heart failure

FAPESP#: 2014/50832-5

Area: Health Sciences

Medical Research Council (MRC)

Beatriz Leonor Silveira Barbuy
University of São Paulo - Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics, and Atmospheric Sciences

Chris Evans
STFC UK Astronomy Technology Centre

From the VLT to the E-ELT: Building a Brazilian-UK partnership on astronomical instrumentation for the world's largest telescopes

FAPESP#: 2014/50826-5

Area: Astronomy

Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

Fernando de Queiroz Cunha
University of São Paulo - Ribeirão Preto Medical School - Department of Pharmacology

Stephen John Hill
The University of Nottingham - Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences - Cell Signalling Research Group, School of Life Sciences

Development of new GPCRs interacting drugs to treat inflammatory diseases

FAPESP#: 2014/50831-9

Area: Health Sciences

Medical Research Council (MRC)

Helder Takashi Imoto Nakaya
University of São Paulo - School of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Department of Clinical and Toxicological Analyses

Andrew Pollard
University of Oxford - Oxford Vaccine Group - Department of Paediatrics

Systems biology of typhoid fever: Unravelling regulation of human host-responses to infection with Salmonella Typhi and live oral vaccination

FAPESP#: 2014/50828-8

Area: Health Sciences

Medical Research Council (MRC)

João Batista Fernandes
Federal University of São Carlos - Natural Sciences and Technology Center - Department of Chemistry

James H. Clark
University of York - York Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence - Department of Chemistry

From orange waste to chemicals: contributions of an integrated biorefinery approach towards sustainable development in Brazil

FAPESP#: 2014/50827-1

Area: Chemistry

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

Marcos Silveira Buckeridge
University of São Paulo - Institute of Biosciences - Botany Department.

Aurice Bosch
Aberystwith University - Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences 

Understanding cell wall structure and hydrolysis of two leading C4 bioenergy crops to improve second generation bioethanol production in Brazil

FAPESP#: 2014/50953-7

Area: Biology

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)

Marcus Lira Brandão
University of São Paulo - Medical School of Ribeirão Preto - Institute of Behavioral Neuroscience - Department of Neuropsychopharmacology 

Thelma Anderson Lovick
University of Bristol - Faculty of Medical and Veterinary Sciences - Physiology and Pharmacology

Tackling mental health disorders in females

FAPESP#: 2014/50829-4

Area: Health Sciences

Medical Research Council (MRC)

Niels Olsen Saraiva Câmara
University of São Paulo - Institute of Biomedical Sciences - Department of Immunology

Patricia Murray
University of Liverpool Institute of Translational Medicine

The efficacy and safety of stem cell therapies in mouse models of kidney disease

FAPESP#: 2014/50833-1

Area: Health Sciences

Medical Research Council (MRC)

Rodrigo Affonseca Bressan
Federal University of São Paulo - Department of Psychiatry

Gerome Breen
King’s College London MRC Social – Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry Centre

Biomarkers of treatment naive psychosis

FAPESP#: 2014/50830-2

Area: Health Sciences

Medical Research Council (MRC)

Sergio Schenkman
Federal University of São Paulo - Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology

Mark C. Field
University of Dundee - Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Targeting the surface proteome of Trypanosoma cruzi

FAPESP#: 2014/50824-2

Area: Biology

Medical Research Council (MRC)

Fabio Santos do Nascimento
University of São Paulo - Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Languages of Ribeirão Preto - Department of Biology  

Seirian Sumner
University of Bristol - School of Biological Sciences

The ecosystem response to urban transformation: the impact of rapid urbanisation on the social demographics of ecologically-significant insect species

FAPESP#: 2014/50990-0

Area: Biology

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Angela Kaysel Cruz
University of São Paulo -  Medical School of Ribeirão Preto - Cell and Molecular Biology Department

Pegine Walrad
University of York - Centre for Infection and Immunity, Department of Biology

Biochemical investigation of the enzyme PRMT7 function in Leishmania spp. parasite infectivity; Screening targets for leishmaniasis relevance

FAPESP#: 2014/50954-3

Area: Biology

Medical Research Council (MRC)

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