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FAPESP and CONICET announce result of call for proposals Three collaborative projects with researchers from the State of São Paulo and Argentina were selected

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), from Argentina, announced the result of a call for proposals for the support of collaborative research issued by the institutions.

The announcement was made in the closing session of the FAPESP Week Buenos Aires, organized in Argentina by FAPESP and the CONICET.

Three proposals of collaborative research between researchers from intitutions in Argentina and institutions in the State of São Paulo were selected.

FAPESP will provide the selected proposals with funds for travel (air tickets), health insurance and living allowances for researchers from the State of São Paulo that will visit the partner institution and CONICET will provide the same for the Argentinean missions to the State of São Paulo.

The opportunity integrates the second call for proposals for SPRINT - São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration, a strategy designed to encourage and promote the advancement of scientific research through the engagement of researchers affiliated with research institutions in the State of São Paulo with researcher partners abroad.

Selected proposals:



Marcia de Paula Leite
Faculdade de Educação / Unicamp

Andrea Del Bono
Universidad Nacional Arturo Jauretche

Labor reconfigurations and multiple faces of job isecurity. A comparative analisys between Argentina and Brazil

FAPESP#: 2014/50756-7

Rosangela Itri
Instituto de Física / USP

Rosana Chehin
Universidad de Tucuman

Towards understanding the role of oxidized lipid membrane on amyloidogenic diseases: biophysical and structural characterization of membrane-induced gapdh protoribrils

FAPESP#: 2014/50766-2

Ricardo Shohei Hattori
Agência Paulista deTecnologia em Agronegócios / SAASP

Juan Ignacio Fernandino

Molecular regulation of germ cell proliferation:the effects of thermal stress and sex steroids and the roles of PEN-2, P53 and AMH genes

FAPESP#: 2014/50790-0

The call for proposals is available at:


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