Call for Proposals - Strategic Research Collaboration in Food Science in the State of São Paulo, Brazil and Denmark – 2015 Versão em português

A collaboration between the Innovation Fund Denmark and the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) 

Call for proposals for joint research collaboration under the Scientific Cooperation Agreement between the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo – FAPESP and Innovation Fund Denmark. The agreement can be found at: (Portuguese) and (English) and at (Danish) and (English)

1. Introduction

2. Purpose

3. Research topics

4. Funding principles and project duration

5. Proposal characteristics

6. Submission of proposals

7. Assessment criteria, evaluation and selection

8. Timeline

9. Contact 

1. Introduction

FAPESP and Innovation Fund Denmark hereby invite researchers from universities, research institutions and private companies in the State of São Paulo, Brazil and Denmark who conduct research within the food science area, to apply for funding for joint Brazilian-Danish strategic research projects according to the current call.

Brazilian and Danish researchers must prepare the proposals jointly. In the State of São Paulo, Brazil, eligible applicants are researchers who comply with the Thematic or the Regular Research Awards eligibility criteria. In Denmark, the call is open for any Danish proposers who comply with Innovation Fund criteria for eligibility.

The project proposal must be written jointly by Brazilian and Danish researchers and must reflect unison close cooperation. It is expected that research activities of importance to the expected outcome are being conducted on both sides and that the project volume and the intellectual contribution is evenly balanced between Brazilian and Danish researchers.

2. Purpose

For both regions, it is of major importance to provide solutions within the field of food science in order to accommodate to the challenges related to “Bio-refinery" and/or “Food and Health”. The aim of this call is that the funded projects deliver considerable and tangible results at the end of the project period.

This call defines the terms and conditions for the submission of joint proposals. FAPESP and the Innovation Fund will jointly support up to four research projects under this call.

This call is announced simultaneously by FAPESP and by the Innovation Fund at:

FAPESP: (English) and (Portuguese)

Innovation Fund: (Danish) and (English)

3. Research topics

This call invites joint research proposals within the following research topics:

A. New sources of bioactive compounds and new ingredients for functional and fortification purposes in foods.

B. Biological non-food products from waste residues.

C. Healthy and sustainable food/meals based on animal, marine or plant components, with retained nutritional values, produced from emerging new technologies.

D. Innovative research within agriculture, food production, food processing and other biological production based on for example information and communication technologies, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and/or user driven innovation.

E. Improved food and feed value chain by sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, production methods, systems, processes, and technologies that minimize waste.

F. Nutrigenomics’ impact on human health.

G. Research in food safety and quality aspects related to perishable food products.

H. Bioeconomy related research e.g development of biorefineries (2G and 3G) and biofuels enabling feasible and sustainable production of energy, chemicals, feedstock etc.

4. Funding principles and project duration

FAPESP and Innovation Fund expect to jointly fund maximum 4 projects with a total amount (sum of costs charged to FAPESP and Innovation Fund) of around four million US dollars for all projects. Requested funding may cover research and travel expenses (for example, payroll expenses, research training, equipment, travel costs, living allowances and insurance costs) according to each funding agency’s guidelines. The project volume should be equivalent on both sides. The duration of the proposed research projects in this call for proposals may be up to 48 (forty-eight) months.

5. Proposal characteristics

The research joint proposal must be simultaneously submitted to both Innovation Fund and FAPESP. The research proposal submitted to both agencies must be identical. Deviations are only accepted when related to specific institutional requirements from either FAPESP or the Innovation Fund (these are available locally; please refer to the respective institutional websites, according to sections 2 and 6 of this call). Please note that a proposal will not be reviewed if it was only submitted to either FAPESP or Innovation Fund.

The proposal, submitted in English to both Innovation Fund and FAPESP, must contain:

A. A summary of the Principal Investigators’ CV (both the Danish and the Brazilian Principal Investigators) with a maximum of four pages, as described in

B. A detailed national budget worksheet for either FAPESP or the Innovation Fund (according to institutional requirements). An overview of the partner’s budget has to be submitted to either FAPESP or the Innovation Fund, in addition to the detailed national budget.

C. A research project with a maximum of ten pages of scientific content, including the following items (deviations from the template are not accepted):

1. Summary of the research project to which the proposal is related, including current and expected results.

2. Description of the added value and synergy of the collaboration.

3. Description of each researcher and institution involved on both sides.

4. Description of the expected academic gains for the project as a result of the proposed collaboration.

5. Details of the activities foreseen in the collaboration, including justification, relevance and impact.

6. Description of the infrastructure and other financial resources available to the research project.

7. Additional activities to the collaboration, i.e. seminars, short courses and visits to other research institutions.

8. The timeline of the entire project.

9. Possible actions to promote future participation in multinational projects.

6. Submission of proposals

Proposals must be submitted simultaneously to FAPESP (in paper form) and to Innovation Fund (E-application) following the guidelines below:

For proposers in Denmark through the E-application system provided here (Please remember to fill in the additional form “Innovation Fund Bilateral form”).

For proposers in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, in accordance with the detailed guidelines for Thematic Projects found at or Regular Projects Awards ( (available only in Portuguese) as well as:

a) All proposals are to be sent to FAPESP in hard copy (paper form) at the following address: Rua Pio XI, 1500, Alto da Lapa, 05468-901 – São Paulo/SP, with “Chamada FAPESP- Innovation Fund” written on the envelope and posted no later than the closing date.

b) The specific FAPESP forms for submitting proposals to this Call can be downloaded at

No proposal will be accepted after the closing date for submission, nor will any addendum or explanation be accepted unless those explicitly and formally requested by FAPESP or by the Innovation Fund. Proposals submitted by any other means other than the E-application system in Denmark and hard copy (paper form) in the State of São Paulo will not be accepted.

7. Assessment criteria, evaluation and selection

FAPESP and Innovation Fund will select the proposals according to their respective institutional procedures and assessment criteria.

As additional bilateral assessment criteria emphasis will be put on the following:

  • The potential impact of the research and the quality of the research

  • Added value and synergies achieved through the joint cooperative research project

  • Integration of the bilateral research project (one project not two parallel projects)

  • Participation of relevant private enterprises and/or public partners other than the main applicants

The applicants are encouraged to provide a thorough description of the mentioned bilateral aspects.

Only proposals selected and prioritized by both sides will be funded jointly. The final selection is to be decided by a joint committee with representatives from both FAPESP and the Innovation Fund. 

8. Timeline

  • The call is announced on the 17th of April 2015 at the websites of FAPESP and the Innovation Fund 

  • The closing date for the call is 17th of July 2015 (both Danish and SP state PIs). 

  • The Principal Investigators of the selected proposals in Denmark will be notified directly by the Innovation Fund in November 2015 and, at the same time, a list will be made public at the FAPESP website and individual communications to the Principal Investigators in São Paulo will be issued. The funded project/projects are expected to start early 2016. 

  • In addition to the annual progress reports provided for FAPESP, by the end of the project, no later than the beginning of 2020, the final report, in English, including a common evaluation of the project is to be submitted to both FAPESP and the Innovation Fund.

9. Contact

All questions related to this call must be directed to:


Simone Godoi
Science Manager – Scientific Directorate

Innovation Fund Denmark

Floor ten Hoopen, Innovation Fund Denmark
Phone: +45 6190 5040