SPRINT – 3rd Edition 2015: Guideline University of Maryland College Park

(Item 2.1.1. g.)

Specific requests for submission of proposals in partnership with researchers from The University of Maryland

FAPESP and The University of Maryland College Park (UMD) signed a Cooperation Agreement for Research on March 2015, aiming to implement scientific and technological cooperation between researchers from UMD and a University from the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, through the funding of joint research projects.

Under the referred Agreement, as a first action to promote such collaboration, FAPESP and UMD make public this Call for Proposals for the exchange of faculty and postdoctoral researchers, under the terms and conditions of the SPRINT 3rd Edition 2015 ( and hereinafter set forth.

1. Eligibility from UMD side

Joint Research Workshops are intended to help scholars at both institutions to identify complementary research strengths and explore potential collaborations.

a. Applications are welcome once per year from academic and research staff at UMD.

b. Principal Investigators should be tenured, tenure-track, or research faculty at UMD. 

2. Fields of knowledge

This Call for Proposals invites research proposals in all fields of knowledge. 

3. Duration of the project for the exchange of researchers

The maximum duration of each project is 24 months. 

4. Funding principles

FAPESP will provide funding the equivalent of up US$10,000 (US Dollars) per proposal per year and UMD will provide funding of up to US$10,000 (US Dollars) per proposal per year, under the provisions of clause 5 of the Scientific Cooperation Agreement established by the Parties (

4.1 Allocation of funding:

a. FAPESP will provide the selected proposals with funding for researchers from the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil visiting the University of Maryland College Park campus.

b. UMD will provide the selected proposals with funding for researchers from the UMD visiting the campus of Universities in the State of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

4.2 Activities eligible for funding:

a. Travel between UMD and the State of Sao Paulo.

b. Travel expenses (e.g. economy class airfare, train, rental car, etc).

c. Partial costs for hosting a seminar/conference or workshop.

d. Accommodation.

4.3 The following restrictions apply on the use of funding listed in 4.2:

a. Airfares: only economy class tickets will be funded.

b. Accommodation: a maximum of two weeks at up to $250 per night.

c. Meals and incidentals: a maximum of $113 a day per person (

d. Workshops: costs to hold a conferences or workshops shall not exceed 50% of the overall budget (excludes travel and accommodation of participants from FAPESP).

4.4 Supplementary Funding

Project budgets may be supplemented by funding from other sources. This may be declared in the application and is encouraged in cases were the project costs would be expected to exceed those applied for under this scheme.

5. Proposal Characteristics for UMD researchers

The proposal shall be composed of a maximum of five (5) pages of scientific content (Arial, 11pt), written jointly by the Principal Investigator to FAPESP and his/her colleague, the Principal Investigator at the Partner Institution. All proposals must be written in English. One copy of the proposal shall be sent to FAPESP and another (identical) copy to UMD.

Proposals must include the following:

a. A substantive description of the joint activities, emphasizing their relevance. The proposal must state clearly how the joint activities to be carried out will contribute to the ongoing research project funded by FAPESP and to the research being carried by UMD;

b. A timeline for each specific activity, considering the limit of missions and funding established in this Call;

c. A description of Performance indicators for the planned activities;

d. A description of each candidate’s contribution to the project, explaining their expertise to carry out the foreseen activities and a copy of their CV.

e. A detailed budget.

f. Submission forms and additional documents as requested as required by FAPESP and/or by UMD. 

6. Submission of proposals to UMD

Submissions to UMD requires that the completed application be saved as a single PDF file and submitted via approval from their Department Chair and College Dean within the deadline of this Call. Once those approvals are obtained, the PDF must be submitted by the Principal Investigator from UMD to Competition Space (

7. Result of the analysis

SELECTION CRITERIA: Proposals will be awarded on a competitive basis. Projects will be selected by a joint FAPESP-UMD committee, with particular attention paid to the formulation of the goals of the exchange; projected outcomes; and plans for future joint research, including a time frame, and steps for securing external funding. The final number of awards will depend on the quality and quantity of proposals received as well as the proposed budgets.

Final results will be announced on FAPESP ( and UMD ( web portals and by means of a communication to the interested PIs.

8. Contract for selected projects by UMD

Selected proposals will subject to the conditions set forth in a letter of award.

9. Grant cancellation

FAPESP or UMD may cancel funding if, during the grant timeframe, a fact is of sufficient gravity to justify cancellation, without prejudice of any other appropriate actions.

10. Financial and Reporting Obligations

Recipients will be required to submit a final report within three months of completion of the project. The report should include an outline of the outcomes of the project, an indication of the project’s sustainability, a summary of lessons learned in undertaking the project and a detailed account of funds spent. Applicants who fail to submit a final report by the 3-month deadline will not be permitted to submit future applications.

11. Information about this Call at UMD

All questions from UMD researchers related to this Call for Proposals must be directed to: Dr. Beth Brittan –Powell