Comissão Europeia (H2020) Versão em português

Comissão Europeia (H2020)

Under the collaboration encouraged by FAPESP and the Horizon 2020, researchers based in the State of São Paulo and European researchers will be able to interact in order to develop collaborative research projects taking the best advantage of the opportunities offered in Europe and in São Paulo to access global excellence knowledge, research data and scientific networks. In each case, the amounts to be granted in the research projects selected by FAPESP and by the Horizon 2020 programme will be defined by each agency according to its own procedures. The termination of this cooperation can be decided unilaterally by either party.

Based on this letter of intent, researchers from research institutions in the State of São Paulo have the opportunity to collaborate with European researchers under the H2020 programme.

To do so, there are two possibilities:

1. Through Open Deadline Submission according to the guidelines described in

In this case, the H2020 calls are published in and indicate possibilities of co-funding schemes for non-EU/non-Associated Countries.

When selecting a call, you can check in the "Topic conditions and documents" section, "1. Eligible countries", the link to the "Online Manual": "A number of non-EU/non-Associated Countries that are not automatically eligible for funding have made specific provisions for making funding available for their participants in Horizon 2020 projects. See the information in the Online Manual".

The following page shows the link to Brazil:
"Available local support for H2020 participants from non-EU countries"
"Countries with co-funding by a region: Brazil"

In the Online Manual, it is mentioned the availability of co-funding by FAPESP for researchers that have a formal employment with a São Paulo research institution. See the guidelines to submit your proposal in collaboration:

2. Through Calls for Proposal in bilateral or multilateral cooperation, particularly announced for collaboration between researchers from the State of São Paulo and Europe:

More information about the agreement:

Research projects selected in joint calls with FAPESP

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