SPRINT 4th Edition 2015 - Guideline: University of Michigan

SPRINT – 4th Edition 2015 

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Specific requests for proposal submissions from researchers of the University of Michigan

São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and the University of Michigan (U-M) signed a Cooperation Agreement for Research on September 25, 2012, aiming to implement scientific and technological cooperation between researchers from the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, USA and from the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, through the funding of joint research projects.

FAPESP and University of Michigan are very glad to launch this next round Call for Proposals, helping to increase the mobility of researchers between the U-M and research institutions supported by FAPESP, with the aim of generating further scientific and academic cooperation between the partner regions of the State of São Paulo and USA. In this Call for Proposals, applicants are encouraged to submit funding applications for innovative and sustainable programs built around collaborative research and/or learning and teaching initiatives linking the University of Michigan and FAPESP with each other.

As an action to promote such collaboration, FAPESP and U-M make public this Call for Proposals for the exchange of faculty and postdoctoral researchers, under the terms and conditions of theof the agreement (en/7216) and of the FAPESP SPRINT 4 th Edition 2015 (, hereinafter set forth

1. Eligible investigators from the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN

University of Michigan faculty members and researchers who are assistant, associate or full professors, research professors or research scientists, clinical faculty engaged in research, librarians, and lecturers carrying out research work.

Partners at institutions at Sao Paulo must meet the requirements set forth by FAPESP.

2. Fields of knowledge

This Call for Proposals invites research proposals in all fields of knowledge.

3. Timeline

October 27th, 2015: Call released

February 1st, 2016: Proposals due to University of Michigan Office of Research and Provost Office

From April 2016: Decisions announced to submitters

4. Duration of the project for the exchange of researchers

The maximum duration of each project is up to 24 months.

5. Funding principles

FAPESP will provide funding of up to the equivalent of US$10,000.00 per proposal per year to FAPESP funded researchers and the University of Michigan will provide funding of up to US$10,000.00 per proposal per year to U-M investigators. These funds can cover research-related mobility expenses (air tickets, health insurance and living allowances). Nominal portions of U-M funds can be used to cover other research related supplies purchased through normal U-M procurement processes. U-M funds will be awarded to and managed by the U-M principle investigator, and FAPESP funds will be awarded to and managed by the FAPESP principle investigator.

In the present Call, no more than four (4) proposals will be funded.

6. Proposal format f or UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN researchers

a. Proposals should be no more than 5 pages and in English, including a budget page describing how the U-M funds will be expended. The FAPESP researchers should be clearly identified, and their expected budget also provided (converted to US dollars). Also included should be:

i. A description of the expected academic and intellectual gains for the research project

ii. A description of the project activities that will benefit from the exchange and visits

iii. A description of the infrastructure and financial resources available for the research project, excluding the mobility expenses requested in the proposal.

iv. A description of the exchange activities, emphasizing their relevance;

v. A timeline for each specific visit

vi. A description of each candidate’s contribution to the visits, explaining their expertise to carry out the foreseen activities

vii. Additional actions adding to the impact of the exchange for the partner institutions, e.g. by means of seminars, short courses and visits to other institutions that carry out research activities in cognate areas

b. Note that FAPESP may have additional requirements for the proposals submitted by their researchers.

7. Submission of proposals to UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN

Emailed in electronic form (pdf) to by February 1, 2016.

8. Contract for selected projects by UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN

Note that proposals selected for funding may require an IP letter co-signed by UM Office of the Provost and a corresponding official at the partner institution in Sao Paulo. A template for this letter will be provided to PIs of funded proposals.

9. Information about this Call at UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN

Questions regarding this call can be directed to



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