Engineering Research Centre in Energy Production and Innovation (EPIC)

Engineering Research Centre in Energy Production and Innovation (EPIC)
Goal: To develop innovative solutions for oil production optimization and management
Coordinator: Denis Schiozer
Host Institution: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering/University of Campinas (FEM-UNICAMP)
Business partner: Equinor Brazil
+55 19 3521-3263

FAPESP Process 2017/15736-3
Term: Feb 2019 to Jan 2029

EPIC was established in February 2019 through a partnership between FAPESP and Equinor (former Statoil), a norwegian multinational energy company. The goal is to seek innovative solutions to optimize energy production, especially for oil well efficiency, reservoir recovery and better management of water removal from oil during drilling and extraction.

The center has a multidisciplinary team of 14 professors and 50 researchers from UNICAMP (School of Mechanical Engineering, Geosciences Institute, Computing Institute, School of Civil Engineering, School of Technology, Center for Petroleum Studies) and the University of São Paulo’s Engineering School (POLI-USP) to lead the research and supervise students.

During the first five years, activities focused on research on oil production (E&P), with three main lines.


  • Reservoir Management Production: optimization using reservoir simulation models.

  • Artificial lift and flow assurance: production optimization, artificial lift and flow assurance inside ESP.

  • Reservoir characterization: geological characterization and modeling of a carbonate reservoir from the Brazilian pre-salt. 


FAPESP and Equinor launch petroleum engineering research center
Aims of the center hosted by UNICAMP include developing innovative solutions to optimize oil well production and efficiency, as well as reservoir rehabilitation.