Call for proposals in Social Sciences and Humanities targets reconstruction in post-COVID-19 scenario Versão em português

New Trans-Atlantic Platform’s opportunity involving FAPESP will support research to strengthen social practices and policies from understanding and mitigating the negative effects of the pandemic.

FAPESP announces, with the Trans-Atlantic Platform in Social Sciences and Humanities (T-AP), the launch of an international call focused on the COVID-19 pandemic – more specifically, in research aimed at mitigating its negative social effects and supporting the challenges of recovery and renewal that are erected in the future post-pandemic scenario.

Entitled “Recovery, Renewal and Resilience in a Post-Pandemic World (RRR)”, this is the third call organized by T-AP, an international collaborative platform created in 2013 that covers all disciplines of human and social sciences. FAPESP is one of the founding members of the platform, together with funding agencies from the Americas and Europe. Overall, 15 funding agencies from 12 countries participate in the call, many of which maintain bilateral cooperation agreements with FAPESP.

The objective of the new call for proposals is to leverage research in social sciences to fill gaps in our understanding of the dynamics and complex interaction between the medium and long-term social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, considering the impacts it has in multiple dimensions: economic, social, political, health, educational, environmental, technological, legal, psychological, cultural and ethical. In this way, the call aims to contribute to a fairer, more resilient and sustainable future.

Proposals submitted by leading researchers from at least three different countries on both sides of the Atlantic will be accepted. The projects should be the result of transnational and interdisciplinary collaborations capable of enriching the perspective and insights of the studies. Proposals are required to develop one or more of the five main themes of the call, i.e.: 1) reducing inequalities and vulnerabilities; 2) building a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable society; 3) fostering democratic governance and political participation; 4) advancing in digital and responsible innovation; and 5) ensure effectiveness and accuracy in communication and media.

The deadline for submission of proposals is July 12, 2021 through the SAGe system. Researchers from the state of São Paulo are required to consult FAPESP regarding their eligibility for this call before submitting the proposal. Also, the Lead Researcher from the project consortium must register their interest in the call through an online Intention to Submit form, available in prior to submitting the collaborative proposal. The deadline for both eligibility consultation and Intention to Submit registration is June 14.

As one of the members of the call secretariat, FAPESP will be responsible for receiving and managing the procedures and analysis of international proposals received through SAGe.

Project durations can be up to 36 months. Principal Investigators from São Paulo state with approved proposals will receive FAPESP funding according to the standards and conditions of the Regular Research Grants scheme, taking into account the exceptionalities of this call. FAPESP foresees a maximum contribution of R$ 150,000 per year per selected project, including a post-doctoral fellowship, if requested by eligible PIs.

Guidelines for researchers from the state of São Paulo are available at: