Agreement between FAPESP and ParisTech Versão em português




“FUNDAÇÃO DE AMPARO À PESQUISA DO ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO”, of Brazil, established by Law number 5918 of October 18th, 1960, located at Rua Pio XI, number 1500, Alto da Lapa, São Paulo, SP, hereinafter simply referred as FAPESP, herein represented by its President, Professor Dr Celso Lafer


ParisTech, Paris Institute of Technology, whose place of business is at 12 rue Edouard Manet, 75013, Paris, France, represented herein by its President, Professor Cyrille Van Effenterre.


Both Signatories agree on the relevance of international scientific cooperation in all areas of knowledge and aim to develop joint research projects which may include the exchange of researchers and post-graduate students.



1.1 Each Party (FAPESP or ParisTech) participates as partner in the purpose of exchanging researchers from both Signatories, and in the organization of “Workshops”, either in the state of Sao Paulo, or in France. The general goal is the selection of research projects of interest to both Signatories, proposed and to be developed conjointly by researchers from institutions in the State of São Paulo, and ParisTech. Funds from common research projects can either come from ParisTech labs and FAPESP, or from “calls for proposals” between FAPESP and funding institutions in France – like ANR, the French National Research Agency.

1.2 Either Party may associate to other institutions.


Both Signatories shall help their researchers to organize the “Workshops”, either in the state of Sao Paulo or in France, to promote the exchange of researchers between Sao Paulo and ParisTech labs and also to encourage the exchange of young researchers at doctorate or post-doc level.


3.1 The selection and management of the “Workshops” leading to researchers exchange and to research projects, shall be administered and managed by a Joint Management Board, involving two representatives of each Party and, when necessary, other persons as unanimously agreed by the Joint Management Board. A possible indication of other representatives by the Signatories should always observe the rule of parity in the representation of the entities comprising the Joint Management Board. This Board should include a member responsible for Brazilian interests in the ParisTech international Board, and the Scientific Director of FAPESP.

3.2 The Joint Management Board should promote the organization of “Workshops”, within the scientific community, in accordance with the thematic of the future “calls for proposals” between FAPESP and funding institutions in France.


4.1 Within the present Agreement, cooperation will be carried out by means of researchers exchange and through the organization of “Workshops”, whose themes will be chosen by both Signatories in all areas of scientific knowledge.

4.1.1 Areas of priority can be established by the Management Board after considering the existing collaboration between ParisTech and Sao Paulo labs.

4.1.2 Workshops will take place every year, alternately in the state of Sao Paulo and in France.

4.2 The goal of the “Workshops” is to determine areas of interest for French and Brazilian researchers’ communities, leading to research projects. Those projects will be funded, either by internal resources of the labs, or by responding to Calls for Proposals issued from both FAPESP and a corresponding institution in France.

4.3 Cooperation can also be developed in different terms, established by both Signatories, always based on equal participation. Within the present Agreement, the Signatories can associate to present joint projects within calls for bilateral France-Brazil cooperation or within European Union and/or international programs.

4.4 As a condition for funding under this Agreement, the Research Institution in the State of São Paulo submitting a proposal must establish a cooperation agreement with FAPESP and ParisTech which includes, but is not restricted, to: (i) the use of resources related to the project, (ii) follow-up reports, (iii) project delivery and (iv) Intellectual Property.


5.1 Each Party is prepared to fund the “Workshops” or researchers exchange, as regards the activities developed in their territory.

5.2 Financial support will be provided in accordance to the administrative, accounting rules and practices of each Party.


6.1 Members of the ParisTech scientific communities and of research institutions in the State of São Paulo are invited to submit proposals for Workshops or researchers exchange within the framework explored below.

6.1.1 On ParisTech side, as eligibility criteria, the proposal must be submitted uniquely by researchers working within ParisTech;

6.1.2 On the FAPESP side, as eligibility criteria, the proposal must be submitted uniquely by researchers working within research institutions located in the State of São Paulo.


7.1 The present agreement will be valid for five years from the date of its signature by both responsible Signatories. It can be cancelled by either Party – with 3 months notice. Any modification, endorsement or any renewal request in the current text requires mutual approval and will be submitted for review within the same process, as the one followed previously for the present document".

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