Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project

Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project

The Latin American Convention of the Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project was held in São Paulo, Brazil, on March 23rd to March 25th, 2010.

It was the third of a series of five conventions aiming to provide guidance on the feasibility of sustainable bioenergy production on a large scale as well as implementation paths and policies that foster this outcome.

The Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project seeks to address this dilemma in an open and transparent manner structured in three steps:

1) Convene five continential conventions to gather input on framing stages 2 and 3, agree on continental and common resolutions, and increase project visibility;

2) Test the working hypothesis that it is physically possible to gracefully reconcile very large-scale bioenergy production with competing land demands (e.g. to produce energy for more than a quarter of global mobility or equivalent);

3) Develop recommended transition paths and policies informed by the analysis of the economic, ethical, equity, and local-scale rural economic development issues.

Each convention aims to provide a platform for regional and trans-national opportunities, challenges and concerns. These meetings are characterised by extensive break-out sessions to gather input from all participants. The outcome of the meetings will be a report summarising the input on framing stages 2) and 3), presenting a common resolution addressing the working hypothesis upon which stage 2) is based and the need to address it, and five resolutions representing the distinctive perspectives on bioenergy from each of the world's continents.

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