Biopharma and Metabolomics - A Fapesp and Agilent Workshop

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and Agilent, within the scope of PITE Program, invite you to the


August 30th, 2017 (1:30 p.m - 4:45 p.m)
FAPESP - Rua Pio XI, 1500 – São Paulo

The purpose of the workshop is to present the results of research projects supported under the FAPESP and Agilent agreement and discuss the next Call for Research Proposals according to the following themes: Biopharma and Metabolomics.

Registration: eventos/agilent/registration

13h30 Registration
14h00 Opening Session
14h05 Daniela Feltrim, Institute of Biology (University of Campinas, Unicamp)
Physiological responses of Eucalyptus globulus and E. grandis to high concentration of CO2 and temperature variations, identified by metabolomics and transcriptomics analyses
14h20 Ernani Pinto Junior, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of São Paulo, USP)
Prospecting volatile compounds produced by brazilian cyanobacteria with allelopathic effects
14h35 Aparecida Maria Fontes, Riberão Preto Medical School (University of São Paulo, USP)
Synthetic Biology, use of humanized codons and microRNAs for the production of a biopharmaceutical for Gaucher Disease
14h50 Felix Guilhermo Reyes, Faculdade de Engenharia de Alimentos (University of Campinas, Unicamp)
Veterinary drugs: development and validation of bioanalytical methods using LC-MS/MS and MALDI-TOF-MS and its applications in sanitary surveillance and the development of fish farming in Brazil
15h05 Adalberto Pessoa Jr, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of São Paulo, USP)
Production of extracellular L-asparaginase: from bioprospecting to the engineering of an antileukemic biopharmaceutical
15h25 Maria Cristina Cintra Gomes Marcondes, Institute of Biology (University of Campinas, Unicamp)
Cancer Cachexia and Metabolomic
16h00 Hernan Chaimovich, FAPESP Steering Committees for Special Programs - Special Programs and Collaboration in Research
R&D in the State of São Paulo
16h15 Carl Myerholtz, Mass Spectrometry Division
Jim Hollenhorst, Agilent Labs
R&D at Agilent
16h30 Q&A Session
16h45 Closing

Event free of charge | Limited seats | Offical language: English (simultaneous translation will not provided)

• The call for proposals is published at - www.fapesp.br/en/10886
• Further information - chamada_agilent@fapesp.br

(11) 3838-4362

Parking Suggestion
Pio Park: Rua Pio XI, 1320 | ELS: Rua Pio XI, 1650 | Tonimar: Rua Jorge Americano, 89

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