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FAPESP and Innovation Fund Denmark announce new call for proposals Collaborative projects will involve innovative research in areas ranging from sanitation to FinTechs to precision agriculture.(image:Innovation Fund Denmark)

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) announce a new call for research proposals. This is the seventh call for proposals in the timeline of the cooperation agreement ( kept between both institutions.

This year’s opportunity seeks to promote and facilitate bilateral research and innovation projects covering various areas. The call is open to researchers from universities, research institutions and private companies in the State of São Paulo, Brazil and Denmark.

FAPESP and the IFD will jointly make available a total amount of around 2,6 million euros for all selected projects. Projects will be funded for 36 months.

In the State of São Paulo, eligible applicants are researchers who comply with the Research Partnership for Technological Innovation Program (PITE) eligibility criteria.

The project must be written jointly by Brazilian and Danish researchers and must reflect unison close cooperation. It is expected that proposals should feature an associated company committed to funding at least 50% of the costs of either side (Danish or São Paulo State side).

The call is open to joint research proposals within the following research topics:

- Industrial process water – aiming at zero-use;

- Handling and optimization of water supply, waste water;

- Circular economy;

- Digital Health, preventive care, Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Use of Big Data for Healthcare Management);

- Smarter Cities;

- Renewable Energy;

- Precision Farming;

- FinTech (Financial Technology);

- Reduction of Emission, including agricultural emission.

Deadline for proposal submission ends March 2nd, 2020. Researchers from São Paulo State and Denmark must send proposals via the Submission Platform of their respective funding agency (SAGe or Egrant).

The call for proposals is published at:

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