Call with European Union selects research projects in personalized medicine Versão em português

FAPESP announces a call for collaborative project proposals for research on personalized medicine and the development of clinical support tools for its implementation, together with the European Union (through the ERA PerMed initiative) and the Brazilian National Council of State Funding Agencies (CONFAP).

The institutions participating in the call represent 23 countries, and include ANR (France), BMBF (Germany), IFD (Denmark) and FNRS (Belgium), with which FAPESP maintains active partnership. Other Brazilian funding agencies also participate through CONFAP.

The call encompasses three research themes: the transition from basic research to clinical research and implementation; big data and information and communication technologies; and responsible implementation of health solutions, considering the ethical, legal and social aspects of personalized medicine.

The main goal of the call is to provide a broader and better characterized patient stratification, defining personalized diagnoses and treatment and prevention protocols, to improve disease prevention and management.

The project proposals should include strategies to fill the gap between the first discoveries and the possible implementation or commercialization of the results, through the early involvement of regulatory authorities and close interaction with the different actors (academy, research centers, private initiative, associations of doctors or patients, etc.).

Conditions for submitting proposals

Each proposal to FAPESP must have one principal investigator from the State of São Paulo and at least two foreign principal investigators, each from a different country among those participating in this call.

FAPESP will fund researchers affiliated to higher education or research institutions in São Paulo State according to its Regular Research Grant rules and instructions. Some modifications and exceptionalities apply to this call. The projects’ duration may vary from 24 to 36 months, with a maximum budget of R$ 150.000 per year.

Proponents from São Paulo State must consult FAPESP regarding their eligibility until March 4, 2021.

In addition, the lead principal investigator (PI) of each research consortium should submit a pre-proposal, via the call’s dedicated platform, by June 17 – in compliance with the Submission Guidelines of the international Call.

Only consortia considered eligible after the previous phase are qualified to the Full Proposals phase which is expected to start in May and close in June 17th. São Paulo researchers must send the proposals via the FAPESP submission platform (SAGe) in tandem with the submission via the international call’s platform by the consortium’s lead PI.

Guidelines for researchers from the State of São Paulo are available at: