Americas’ Regional Scientific Webinars on COVID-19

The objective is to provide an opportunity for scientists to discuss their research with international colleagues in a workshop format using the UN Research Roadmap for the COVID-19 Recovery as a framework. In addition, the seminars seek to foster international research collaborations and strengthen interagency networks within the Americas. Regional perspectives to enhance Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) locally and across the region will be a cross-cutting issue.

Webinar III


November 11 - 2021

11:00-13:00 (GTM-3)

Moderator: Aisen Etcheverry, National Director - ANID



11:00 Opening & Introduction to the GLOBAL RESEARCH COUNCIL - GRC
Aisén Etcheverry - National Director – ANID
11:10 Silvia Grinberg - Human Sciences Research Laboratory, Conicet, ARGENTINA
11:18 Roberto Araya - Institute of Education, University of CHILE
11:26 Fernando González Perilli - Faculty of Information and Communication, University of the Republic - URUGUAY
11:34 Anne Burke - Faculty of Education, Memorial University, CANADA
Enhancing children’s voices and social cohesion through digital literacies in the community
11:42 Alexandra Vuyk - Catholic University of Asuncion
The role of the COVID-19 Mental Health team of the CONACYT Scientific Committee, the behavioral management of the Pandemic, and the longitudinal project on coping and mental health in university students
11:50 Lorena Barberia - University of São Paulo
Monitoring and Evaluating the Impact of School Closures, Remote Education Policies and Reopening Protocols in Brazil
11:58 Round Table Discussions
12:54 Closing Remarks with Aisén Etcheverry

Webinar II

Research Infrastructure

November 10 - 2021

14:00-16:00 (GTM - 3)

Moderator: Alejandro Adem, President - NSERC



14:00 Opening & Introduction to the GLOBAL RESEARCH COUNCIL – GRC
Alejandro Adem - President - NSERC
14:10 Wilbert van Panhuis - Director, NIAID Office of Data Science and Emerging Technologies - USA
Towards an ecosystem for data discovery and integration for infectious and immune-mediated diseases
14:18 Rafael Tapia Limonchi - Professor, National University Toribio Rodríguez of Mendoza of Amazonas – PERU
Tropical Diseases and Biomedicine: Research for Development in the Northeast of Peru
14:26 Diego Stalder - Professor, Asunción National University - PARAGUAY
Capacity Building in Metrology to Support the Development of Medical Devices
14:34 Claudio Gutierrez - Professor, Universidad de Chile
Digital Data and its challenges
14:42 Pablo Lavarello - Director, Centre on Urban and Regional Studies – Conicet - ARGENTINA
14:50 Helder Nakaya - Senior Researcher, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in São Paulo - BRAZIL
Network Science: From Zika to COVID
14:58 Prabhat Jha - Professor University of Toronto – CANADA
15:06 Round Table Discussions
15:54 Closing Remarks with Alejandro Adem

Webinar I

Health Systems

October 13 - 2021

11:00-13:00 (GTM-3)

Moderator: Luiz Eugênio Mello, Scientific Director - FAPESP



11:00 Opening and Introduction to GRC
Luiz Eugênio Mello, Scientific Director – FAPESP
11:20 André R. Brunoni, University of São Paulo Medical School – Brazil
Presentation: Mental Health during the COVID-19 pandemic: findings from the ELSA-Brasil cohort study
11:28 Alexis M. Kalergis, Professor and Director, Millennium Institute Immunology and Immunotherapy, FOCIS Center of Excellence, P. Universidad Católica de Chile
Presentation: The scientific venture responsible for the vaccines during the COVID19 pandemic
11:36 Sara Allin, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto
Presentation: The North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies- Leveraging comparative research to support evidence-informed health policy
11:44 Angelica Jimenez de Samudio, Department of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, National University of Asunción (FCM-UNA)
11:52 Dr. Israel Mejia, Director of the Division of Electrical Engineering at CIDESI, Mexico
Presentation: New Scientific and Technological Challenges for Research Centers After the Pandemic COVID-19
12:00 Gonzalo Moratirio, Head of Experimental Evolution of Viruses, Institut Pasteur de Montevideo
12:08 César V. Munayco, Director of Public Health Surveillance at Centro Nacional de Epidemiología, Prevención y Control de Enfermedades – CDC Peru
Presentation: Anemia Operational research in heath facilites of Lima y Callao: anemia in children
12:16 Felipe Fregni, Harvard Medical School
12:24 Silvia Kochen, Director for the Center for Studies in Neuroscience and Complex Systems (ENyS, CONICET-HEC-UNAJ) and the Epilepsy Center of the Ramos Mejía and El Cruce Hospitals
12:32 Round Table Discussions
12:57 Closing Remarks with Luiz Eugênio Mello, FAPESP

The Webinar will be in English without simultaneous translation

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Questions will be answered during the event

The organizing committee comprises representatives from:

Agencia Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo (ANID/Chile)
Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT/Paraguay)
Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas de la República Argentina (CONICET)
São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP/Brazil)
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

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