FAPESP and Braskem announce new Plasticulture Research Center Versão em português

Open to researchers in the state of São Paulo, Engineering Research Center will be focused on disruptive solutions in food security and overcoming barriers linked to climate change.

FAPESP and Braskem announce the result of a call for proposals for the establishment of the Plasticulture Research Center. The new center will integrate the Engineering Research Centers (ERC) program, which enables synergies between the private sector and the academic sector in order to produce and disseminate world-class research, generating high economic and social impact through innovation.

The new center will drive scientific advances that reveal the potential of plastic culture – the use of plastic in rural production – to increase the availability of food that reaches 2the market and make it more accessible to the largest number of people.

In addition, the Center must develop solutions that allow cost reduction, overcoming barriers imposed by climate change and ensuring food security and healthiness of products offered to the market.

Selected proposal:

Proposal for the creation of the Plasticulture Engineering Centre
Grant number: 2021/05251-8
Agreement: Braskem - CPE
PI: Telma Teixeira Franco
Host Institution: Núcleo Interdisciplinar de Planejamento Energético/NIPE/UNICAMP

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