Call for proposals will select life sciences research group leader Versão em português

Young investigator will lead group for four years in the Pasteur-USP Scientific Platform.

FAPESP announces a call for proposals that will select a young investigator in life sciences to lead a four-year (G4) research group at the Pasteur-USP Scientific Platform, based at the University of São Paulo.

The call is the result of a cooperation agreement signed by FAPESP with the Pasteur Institute and USP in December 2021.

Research proposals should be in the life sciences, and specifically address the program priorities of the Pasteur-USP Scientific platform, as defined in

To be eligible to submit a proposal, a researcher must have between 5 to 8 years post-doctoral experience in internationally ranked laboratories and comply with the eligibility requirements of FAPESP’s Young Investigator Award, besides being fluent in English and not have a permanent position at Institut Pasteur, FIOCRUZ or USP.

The duration of the proposed project must be 48 months. The duration may be extended up to 12 months, when requested at the end of the third year, and depending upon a successful merit review.

Support offered by FAPESP includes items described in item 7 of the YIG Guidelines and a Young Investigator Fellowship, to be paid for the duration of the grant or until the Young Investigator obtains a permanent position at the host institution in the state of São Paulo. Exceptionally for this call it is allowed to request one Post-Doctoral Fellowship, for a post-doc to be selected by the Young Investigator.

The Institut Pasteur will allocate a maximum amount of fifty thousand Euros per year to the G4 for the duration of the G4. The funds allocated shall be used to cover staffing costs, operating costs, and equipment.

The deadline for submission of proposals is July 1st, 2022. The proposal must be submitted through FAPESP’s proposal submission platform, SAGe.

The call for proposals is published at

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