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FAPESP and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) announce a new call for proposals, the ninth joint call between both institutions, which have a scientific cooperation agreement since 2012.

The theme of the call, “Engineered biomaterials: Advanced materials for health”, covers one of the fastest growing research areas today. Investigations in engineered biomaterials include research into advanced materials compatible with tissues or biological organs, or that reproduce their function in a patient’s organism.

The premise for this call is that scientists (chemists, physicists, biologists, biologists and physicians) will interact with engineers and manufacturers, thus promoting the realization of the enormous potential represented by research in engineered biomaterials to improve the health of society in general.

Projects selected in this call will adopt an inter and transdisciplinary approach, with a holistic perspective covering the entire knowledge chain, from fundamental to applied and practical research, resulting in high impact.

The projects should be developed in partnership between the Sao Paulo and Netherlands research teams. Scientists linked to higher education and research institutions in both territories should be listed as principal investigators; however, the proposal should also include the involvement of business and/or social partners, in a co-creation process.

The budget provided by the call is € 2.8 million by NWO and R$ 15.2 million by FAPESP. Two project formats are acceptable for the proposals: a smaller format, with duration up to 48 months and aimed at new teams with no history of prior collaboration, which, for FAPESP, utilizes the Research Regular Grants funding scheme; and a standard size format, with duration up to 60 months, aimed at collaborative teams in a more developed research stage, ready to implement a large project – for FAPESP, these proposals can be submitted through either Thematic Grant or Young Investigators Grant funding schemes.

The rules and conditions of funding and eligibility are those established for the above mentioned schemes, with some exceptions which are described in the call text. It is mandatory that the Sao Paulo applicant submit an eligibility consultation to FAPESP, through the call email ( This consultation must be submitted no later than October 27, as a letter including a provisional title, a summary of up to 5 lines, a brief budget and the choice of funding scheme, as well as other information, as specified in the call text.

Prior to submitting the proposal interested parties are encouraged to send, no later than September 8, a letter of intent through the same email. Although not mandatory, this letter of intent fulfils the important function of helping researchers from both countries find partners. The letter of intent should contain information on possible scientific projects; areas of interest in research; and, if the applicants agree, permission for the Call organizers to use the letter of intent to provide support to identify partners. An event is scheduled for October 6 for researchers, companies and other stakeholders in the area of advanced materials in health to make brief presentations.

In the next step, the tenderer must submit a pre-proposal by November 10, via the SAGe System (, on behalf of all members of the research consortium. The pre-proposals will be ranked according to the International Assessment Committee created for this call, which will notify those proposals that are ranked to submit complete proposals to the call (in English only). This must be done by June 6, 2023, also via the SAGe.

The call for proposals is published at:

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