FAPESP and FWO announces new call for proposals Versão em português

Researchers from the state of São Paulo and partners linked to the Research Foundation – Flanders can submit proposals in all areas of knowledge.

FAPESP and the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO), from Belgium, announce a new call for proposals within the scope of the cooperation agreement maintained by the institutions.

Joint research proposals between researchers from Flanders and the state of São Paulo can be submitted in all areas of knowledge, as long as they deal with basic scientific research.

The approved projects will last three years. FAPESP will finance up to R$600,000 per project approved in the state of São Paulo. It is expected that proposals seek balanced partnerships, not in specifically monetary terms, but in terms of commitment and research effort.

FAPESP will consider eligible researchers linked to higher education or research institutions in the State of São Paulo, who meet the requirements of the Regular Research Grant modality.

Collaborative proposals must be submitted by the researcher responsible for Flanders at FWO via the E-portal and by the researcher responsible for the state of São Paulo at FAPESP via the SAGe system. The deadline for submitting proposals is June 4, 2024 (5 pm local time for FWO and 11:59 pm local time for FAPESP).

The call for proposals is available at

Page updated on 03/05/2024 - Published on 03/05/2024