BIOTA-FAPESP research projects - Thematic Projects

BIOTA-FAPESP research projects - Thematic Projects

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In nine years, the BIOTA-FAPESP Program has supported 80 major research projects, trained 150 science Masters and 90 PhD students, produced and stored information on approximately 12,000 species and managed to link and make available data from 35 major biological collections.

This effort is summarized in 548 articles published in scientific journals. In addition to this, the researchers have published 16 books and two atlases. In 2001, the program launched an open-access electronic peer-reviewed journal, Biota Neotropica (, to report original research on biodiversity in the Neotropical region.

The journal is becoming an international reference in its area and it is indexed by the Zoological Record, CAB International, Directory of Open Access Journals and the Scientific Electronic Library Online/SciELO. In 2002 the program began a new venture called BIOprospecTA (, in order to search for new compounds of economic interest – extracts and pure compounds from plants, microorganisms, marine organisms and other natural sources – which has already submitted patents for 3 new drugs.


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