Terça-feira, 06/11
8h00 Recepção e Welcome Coffee
8h30 Cerimônia de Abertura
Sessão 1: Divisões de Biomassa, Impactos e Sustentabilidade
9h00 FAPESP Bioenergy Research Program BIOEN: an overview
Glaucia Mendes Souza (IQ/USP) PDF
9h25 Genomic-assisted breeding of sugarcane: using molecular markers for understanding the genetic architecture of quantitative traits and to implement marker assisted
Antonio Augusto Franco Garcia (ESALQ/USP)
9h50 Cell Wall Metabolism/INCT Bioethanol
Marcos S. Buckeridge (IB/USP) PDF
10h15 Coffee Break
10h35 Analyses of drought tolerance in sugarcane using transcriptomic and metabolomic 
Marcelo Menossi Teixeira (IB/UNICAMP)
11h00 Sugarcane signaling and regulatory networks
Glaucia Mendes Souza (IQ/USP) PDF
11h25 Nitrogen nutrition of sugarcane with fertilizers or diazotrophic bacteria
Heitor Cantarella (IAC) PDF
11h50 Intervalo para Almoço
13h30 Simulating land use and agriculture expansion in Brazil: food, energy, agro-industrial and environmental impacts
Andre Nassar (ICONE)
13h55 Environmental and socioeconomic impacts associated with the production and consumption of sugarcane ethanol in south central Brazil
Bernardo Friedrich Theodor Rudorff (INPE) PDF
14h20 Impacts of the expansion of the sugarcane agroindustry on freshwater communities
Luis Cesar Schiesari (EACH/USP) PDF
14h45 Evaluation of economic and environmental issues related to the integrated production of bioenergy and food
Joaquim Eugênio Abel Seabra (FEM/UNICAMP) PDF
15h10 Coffee Break
15h30 International bioenergy market: assessing institutional structures
Paulo Furquim de Azevedo (FGV)PDF
15h55 Organizational design of BIOEN Program: intellectual property, incentive mechanisms, evaluation and impact
José Maria Ferreira Jardim da Silveira (ECO/UNICAMP) PDF
16h20 Functional'omics of the ratoon stunting disease of sugarcane
Luis Eduardo Aranha Camargo (ESALQ/USP) PDF
16h45 Sugarcane genome sequence: plant transposable elements are active contributors to gene structure variation, regulation and function
Marie-Anne Van Sluys (IB/USP)
17h10 Encerramento


Quarta-feira, 07/11
8h00 Recepção e Welcome Coffee
8h30 Cerimônia de Abertura
Sessão 2: Divisões de Tecnologias de Biocombustíveis e Biorrefinarias
9h00 Library generation for biomass-conversion enzymes from soil metagenome
Fabio Márcio Squina (CTBE)
9h25 Physiology and industrial potential of new Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains isolated from the Brazilian biodiversity / Yeast improvement by metabolic and evolutionary engineering
Andreas Karoly Gombert (POLI/USP)
9h50 Biofuel production by photochemical cracking of vegetable oils employing aromatic imides supported on mesoporous silicates as sensitizers
Sérgio Brochsztain (UFABC) PDF
10h15 Structure and function of enzymes and auxiliary proteins from Trichoderma, active in cell-wall hydrolysis / Center of Biological and Industrial Process for Biofuels - CeProBIO
Igor Polikarpov (IFSC/USP) PDF
10h40 Coffee Break
11h00 Research and development aiming at the integrated exploitation of sugarcane bagasse for the biotechnological production of lignocellulosic ethanol
André Luiz Ferraz  (EEL/USP) PDF
11h25 Bioprocess Systems Engineering (BSE) applied to the production of bioethanol from sugarcane bagasse
Roberto de Campos Giordano (CCET/UFSCar) PDF
11h50 Phase equilibrium and purification processes in the production of biofuels and biocompounds
Antonio José de A. Meirelles (FEA/UNICAMP) PDF
12h15 Ethylic biodiesel production using intra and extracellular lipases from thermophilic fungi
Roberto da Silva (IBILCE/UNESP) PDF
12h40 Systemic analysis, metabolic engineering and economic evaluation of hemicellulosic hydrolysate utilization in bioprocesses/Bioprospecting in a metagenomic library from atlantic forest soil for genes involved on the biosynthesis of biodegradable polymers
Luiziana Ferreira da Silva (ICB/USP) PDF
13h05 Intervalo para Almoço
14h30 Catalysts for glycerol hydrogenolysis: production of glycols from biomass derivatives
Daniela Zanchet (IQ/UNICAMP) PDF
14h55 Strategies development for glycerol transformation: biotechnological and chemical routes
Frank Quina  (IQ/USP)
15h20 Development of routes to acrylic and propionic acid production by fermentative process from sugar/An integrated process for total bioethanol production and zero CO2 emission
Rubens Maciel Filho (FEQ/UNICAMP) PDF
13h45 Extraction, characterization and chemical modification of nanofibers from renewable sources for reinforcement of polyolefinic resins
José Manuel Marconcini (EMBRAPA)
16h10 Encerramento


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