Biofuels & Sustainability - Programa

Workshop Program
8:30 Reception and Welcome Coffee
9:00 Opening Ceremony
9:30 FAPESP environmental programs, BIOEN, BIOTA and Climate Change
Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz (FAPESP, Brazil) PDF
9:55 What are the real perspectives of renewable energies?
José Goldemberg (University of São Paulo, Brazil) PDF
10:20 Global sustainable bioenergy: making it work
Lee Lynd (Dartmouth University, USA) PDF
10:45 Why is developing an integrated, whole systems, perspective on land use critical to resolving conflicts between the three global securities: energy, climate and food?
Jeremy Woods (Imperial College, UK) PDF
11:10 Biofuels technology development - Lessons learned
Helena Chum (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA) PDF
11:35 Development of lignocellulosic biofuels
Chris Somerville (Berkeley University, USA) PDF
12:00 The potential of biofuels, the need for a biorefinery approach and a review of technologies and co-products
Jack N. Saddler (University of British Columbia, Canada)
12:25 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 Global energy and CO2 reduction requirements to 2050 and the role of biofuels
Lewis Fulton (UC-Davis, USA) PDF
14:25 Biofuels -  South African policy, practice and perspectives
Brian Huntley (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)
14:50 Birdsview of state-of-the-art scientific understanding on sustainable biomass sourcing
Andre P. C. Faaij (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)PDF
15:15 Break
15:35 Use of biomass and biofuels in Scandinavian energy systems
Jon Samseth (HIOA / SINTEF, Norway)
16:00 Implementing sustainable biofuels in a global context
Patricia Osseweijer (Delft University, The Netherlands) PDF
16:25 Why biomass-based cogeneration is potentially the ideal starting point for a sustainable african biofuel industry - case examples from eastern and southern Africa
Stephen Karekezi (African Energy Policy Research Network, Kenia) PDF

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