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FAPESP and CALDO announce result of call for proposals Ten projects for the exchange of researchers between the State of São Paulo and Canada were selected (Un.Alberta)


The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and The Consortium of Alberta, Laval, Dalhousie and Ottawa Universities (CALDO), Canada, make public the result of a public call for proposals for the support of research projects involving the exchange of researchers under the scientific cooperation agreement between the institutions.

Ten proposals were selected, in several fields of knowledge. The maximum duration of each project is 24 months, non-extendable.

FAPESP and CALDO will provide funding of up to the equivalent of Ca$12,500 to each project per two-year project, for the period established in the award, to cover mobility expenses and other research-related expenses.

Selected proposals:

Researchers Title
Mauricio da Silva Baptista

Juan Cesar Scaiano
Ottawa University
Niobium nanoparticles: preparation, catalytic properties and applications in PDT

FAPESP#: 2013/50395-1
William Tadeu Lara Festuccia

Andre Marette
Laval University 

Polyphenol enriched fruit extracts as alternative therapy against adipocyte dysfunctions associated with obesity and metabolic disorders

FAPESP#: 2013/50394-5

Beatriz Amaral de Castilho
Escola Paulista de Medicina – Unifesp

Martin Holcik
Ottawa University

Alternative translation mechanisms in health and disease

FAPESP#: 2013/50377-3

Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira

Evangelos Milios
Dalhousie University

Visual text analytics

FAPESP#: 2013/50380-4

Gustavo Enrique de Almeida Prado Alves Batista

Stan Matwin
Dalhousie University 

Research on geo-spatial marine biology data mining using time series, text mining and visualization

FAPESP#: 2013/50379-6

Guido Costa Souza de Araújo
IC – Unicamp

José Nelson Amaral
Alberta University

Applying speculative parallelism and feedback-directed optimization to improve performance

FAPESP#: 2013/50376-7

Gherhardt Ribatski

Sushanta Kumar Mitra
Alberta University

Nature-inspired micro-heat spreaders for enhanced flow boiling

FAPESP#: 2013/50324-7

José Eduardo Spinelli

Hani Henein
Alberta University

Microstructural analysis of Sn-Cu and Sn-Ag-Cu lead free solder alloys under fast and slow cooling

FAPESP#: 2013/50375-0

Marcio Fuzeto Gameiro

Jean Phillippe Lessard
Laval University

Rigorous computations for nonlinear partial differential equations

FAPESP#: 2013/50382-7

Munir Salomão Skaf
IQ – Unicamp

Tom Woo
Ottawa University

In silico screening and understanding of advanced nano-materials for molecular capture related to clean energy applications

FAPESP#: 2013/50381-0

Paula Montero
Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas/USP

Lori Beaman
Ottawa University

Religious Diversity in Brazil and Canada

FAPESP#: 2013/50403-4

Karina Ramalho Bortoluci
Centro de Terapia Celular e Molecular / UNIFESP

Subash Sad
Ottawa University

Icell Death Pathways and Their Impact on Host Susceptibility to Intracelular Pathogens

FAPESP#: 2013/50374-4

Aurea Maria Ciotti
Centro de Biologia Marinha (CEBIMAR) / USP

Marlon Ray Lewis
Dalhousie University

Collaborative Analysis of the Modes of Brazilian Coastal Oceanographic Variability Using the Sistema de Monitoramento da Costa Brasileira (SIMCOSTA)

FAPESP#: 2013/50378-0

The call for proposals is available at:


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