Details for Implementation of The Memorandum of Understanding between The Sao Paulo Research Foundation and The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Versão em português

Pursuant to the provision in Article 5 of this Memorandum of Understanding between the Sao Paulo Research Foundation and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science , both parties have agreed on the following. 

1. Forms of Cooperation

The Parties will promote collaboration as stipulated under Article 1a) of this Memorandum of Understanding, through the following activities:

a) Joint workshops to foster young researchers

b) Other cooperative activities as may be mutually agreed upon

2. Joint Workshops

This program supports workshops between Japanese and Brazilian early-career researchers for the purpose of encouraging them to share knowledge, experience and ideas in specific or interdisciplinary research areas and to build networks for future collaboration that may lead to developing new research areas. Two workshops will be selected and held each year, one in Brazil and the other in Japan.

2.1 Guidelines

2.1.1 The joint workshops will be organized in four steps:

(i) defining the theme by JSPS and FAPESP,

(ii) competitively selecting workshop coordinators,

(iii) selecting Brazilian and Japanese participants, and

(iv) implementing the workshop activities.

2.1.2 The competitive selection of workshop coordinators will be conducted via open calls for researchers from Japan and Brazil who are experienced in the theme defined by the Parties.

2.1.3 JSPS and FAPESP will select the workshop coordinators based on the researchers’ expertise, suitability in designated area, and potential for promoting long-term sustainability.

2.1.4 Guidelines for developing and holding the workshops are as follows:

(i) The workshops are to be organized by JSPS, FAPESP and the selected workshop coordinators;

(ii) The Japanese and Brazilian workshop coordinators are to each select 20 early-career researcher from their countries as participants along with up to 5 leading researchers as mentors. (That is, each workshop may have up to 20 participants from Japan and 20 from Brazil along with a total of 10 mentors, five selected from each side.)

(iii) Workshop content and schedules will be determined by the workshop coordinators;

(iv) Language will be English without translation;

(v) Maximum duration of 3 days;

(vi) Target audience: early-career researchers who have received their PhDs within 10 years prior to the workshop;

2.2 Funding

The following expenses will be covered in connection with the workshops:

2.2.1 The sending party will cover:

(i) International travel between Japan and Brazil

(ii) Daily allowance, accommodations, and domestic travel expenses for it participants in the host country

2.2.2 The hosting party will cover:

(i) Domestic travel, daily allowances, accommodations for its participants in its own country

(ii) Expenses related to holding the workshop

3. Miscellaneous

3.1 Communication with regard to the implementation of all the above activities will be carried out between JSPS’s International Program Department and FAPESP’s Scientific Directorate.

3.2 The Parties will appoint two representatives one from each agency, which will form a joint Steering Committee responsible for the implementation of the activities agreed in the Details for Implementation of Memorandum of Understanding to the MoU.

3.3 The validity of this Details for Implementation of Memorandum of Understanding corresponds with the effective period of the Memorandum of Understanding between JSPS and FAPESP. This Details for Implementation of Memorandum of Understanding may be amended by mutual written consent of the Parties after its enactment.

Date: December 9, 2013

Celso Lafer 
The State of São Paulo Research Foundation

Yuichiro Anzai
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science