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Call for Research Proposals

Expedited implementation of Visiting Researcher Award and Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

Support Opportunities:

Visiting Researcher Award and Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Submission deadline:

15/09/2022 (proposals will be reviewed as they are received until the total fund offered is exhausted)

Review of Expedited Implementation Grant Request s

Ukraine and other war-affected countries initiative

1 Scope

This Call for Proposals is intended to assist research institutions in the state of São Paulo to receive researchers from countries involved in the conflict in Ukraine and other war-affected countries. The grant should allow research institution to host researchers interested in conducting research in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The purpose of this Call is to promote collaboration between researchers for the development of research projects which are either already in progress or about to be started at the Host Institution.

2 Funding and Duration

The total amount offered in this Call for Proposals is R$20 million. The funding is available for two of FAPESP’s Support Opportunities:

  • Visiting Researcher Award (PV), granted initially for up to 12 months, which might be extended at FAPESP's own discretion, under exceptional circumstances. Guidelines for the submission and selection of PV proposals are available in:

  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship lasting up to 24 months, which may be extended. Guidelines for the submission and selection of Post-Doctoral Fellowships are available in:

Each research proposal may request one Visiting Researcher Award and one Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

Research Proposals submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI) and/or Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) already participating in other research projects funded by FAPESP (e.g. thematic modalities, CEPID, CPE, CPA, PDIP, NPOP, CCD, JP2) may be linked to these budgets, being considered as Complementary Requests to these projects (

3 Submission of proposals

1) The deadline for submitting research proposals in this Call is 15/09/2022.

2) As an Expedited Implementation initiative, proposals will be reviewed as they are received until either the resources offered are exhausted or the above mentioned deadline is met.

3) Proposals must be submitted exclusively through the SAGe System (, attaching the documentation indicated in the guidelines of each support opportunity (see item “2 – Funding and Duration”).

4 Requirements for Host Institutions

During the term of the Visiting Researcher Award and/or the Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Host Institution must ensure that researchers involved in the project receive all relevant support required for the execution of the project, as well as for the beginning of activities in the Institution, as previously agreed with the Principal Investigator / Supervisor. It is also expected from the Host Institution to provide support to the visiting researcher and/or the scholar in their settling in the location where the project will be conducted.

5 Information

All questions related to this Call for Proposals should be sent to the responsible for this Call via e-mail:

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