Calls for Proposals

Call for Proposals - 2023 Versão em português

  • FAPESP / Instituto Serrapilheira Joint Call for Proposals
    FAPESP call 55/2023
    Deadline for pre-proposals: Jan 25, 2024
    Selection of proposals from young researchers in the fields of natural sciences, mathematics and computer science.
    Funding: FAPESP and Instituto Serrapilheira

  • Call for proposals of UNESCO-TWAS/FAPESP Postdoctoral Fellowships for Least Developed Countries (LDC)
    FAPESP Call 54/2023
    Deadline for submission: May 30, 2024
    UNESCO-TWAS and FAPESP will offer up to a maximum of 20 postdoctoral fellowships to be awarded to researchers from Least Developed Countries (LDC), in all areas of natural, applied and social sciences.
    Funding: FAPESP

  • 2nd Joint Call FAPESP/CNPq Support Program for Fixating Young Doctors in Brazil
    FAPESP Call 53/2023
    Deadline for submission: February 19, 2024
    This opportunity will allow us to offer Junior Postdoctoral and Business Postdoctoral scholarships with a value equivalent to FAPESP Postdoctoral scholarships in Brazil and resources for a research project.
    Funding: FAPESP and CNPq

  • Call for Proposals SPRINT - Edition 3/2023
    FAPESP Call 52/2023
    Deadline for submission: February 26, 2024
    The goal is to fund collaboration between researchers with FAPESP grants and partners from institutions in other countries.
    Funding: FAPESP and partner institutions

  • Call for CONFAP / Italy Mobility Program
    FAPESP Call 51/2023
    Deadline: March 11, 2024
    Call will receive Research Internship Abroad (BEPE) proposals for Master’s, Doctorate, Direct Doctorate and Post-Doctoral fellowship holders.
    Funding: FAPESP, CONFAP and Network of Italian Universities

  • Call for proposals FAPESP/Confap/Horizon Europe
    FAPESP Call 50/2023
    Deadline: Proposals may be submitted at any time
    Researchers from São Paulo can submit proposals to collaborate as co-leaders of projects selected and supported by Horizon Europe.
    Funding: FAPESP, Confap and Horizon Europe

  • Call for proposals FAPERGS-FAPESP 2023
    FAPESP Call 49/2023
    Deadline for submission of proposals: May 24, 2024
    Support for collaborative research between researchers from Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo
    Funding: FAPESP e FAPERGS

  • Call PIPE Start FAPESP Sebrae: starting the technology-based entrepreneurial journey
    FAPESP Call 48/2023
    Deadline for submission of proposals: Mar 18, 2024
    Call for support for preliminary validation activities for ideas for new technological solutions and new business models.
    Funding: FAPESP and Sebrae

  • Call for Proposals for Research Centers in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Health – 2023
    FAPESP Call 47/2023
    Deadline for submitting proposals: June 3, 2024
    Centers will develop applied scientific, technological and innovation research aimed at solving health problems.
    Funding: FAPESP

  • Call for Proposals Scientific Expeditions – Amazon+10
    FAPESP Call 46/2023
    Deadline for submitting proposals: April 29, 2024
    Call within the scope of the Amazon+10 Initiative to carry out scientific expeditions that support scientific research and technological development in the Legal Amazon.
    Funding: FAPESP, Confap and FAPs

  • Call for proposals CPE FAPESP - Citrosuco
    FAPESP Call 45/2023
    Deadline for submissions: June 10, 2024
    Call for the creation of an Engineering Research Center in the citrus industry.
    Funding: FAPESP and Citrosuco

  • Call for proposals FAPESP - Institut Pasteur de São Paulo
    FAPESP Call 44/2023
    Closing date for pre-proposals submission: December 15, 2023
    Young researchers in Life Sciences can apply to lead a research group.
    Funding: FAPESP e Institut Pasteur

  • Call for Proposals Comunicar Ciência
    FAPESP Call 43/2023
    Deadline for submissions: January 22, 2024
    The initiative provides for the granting of JC-I Scholarships to undergraduate students linked to universities and public and private teaching and research institutions in the state of São Paulo, to work in the scientific dissemination of research projects supported by FAPESP, under the coordination of a principal investigator (PI).
    Funding: FAPESP

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